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I help you digital creators, infoprenuers, affiliate marketers, coaches and trainers sell more of their digital products through generating high quality leads and selling via high converting Sales funnels.


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David Emmanuel
Lead Generation And Sales Funnel Expert

A Little About Me

I dived into seeing the opportunities that comes with the Internet as far back as 2017. I created my first digital product (an ebook) on how to make money online mining bitcoin, I listed this ebook as a gig on fiverr and luckily for me, without Ads, i sold 4 copies to foreigners making me my first $20 online.

Selling an ebook on a platform for service owners could be tricky especially when your information becomes outdated and doesn’t work anymore…

Making $20 from home selling an ebook made me realize, more money could be made if I solved the right problems for the right people leading me to training myself in the art of generation the right buyers for my digital products (lead generation) and selling more right products to these buyers (sales funnels).

I solve as many problems for them as I could and in return got paid for the job well done.

To learn for FREE the 5 shocking secrets I have been using till date to make as many sales as I could possibly handle, click the link below and I will send you a copy for FREE.

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Some Of My Trainings

In the years past, I have been able to help lots of digital entrepreneurs sell more of their digital products online through my various trainings and services.

Discover the priceless secret strategies that other digital product sellers like you use to sell effortlessly online.

What Others Are Saying

Omo, what we get is more than value. Did you know we can split this to over 5 courses and sell each

Kehinde Olatunde

Review on EMB

Thank you so much for this, feels like a giveaway, this class is supposed to be worth more than you charged us.


Review on EMB

I’ve paid for other lead generation classes before but there is something different about this one. Amazing content they really gave out in the class for a low amount. It’s very astonishing.


Review on TDW

This class has been really insightful. Learnt some new stuff which I will integrate in my next marketing campaign I’m working on. My appreciation goes to the tutors, thanks for your time and effort


Review on TDW

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We offer other offline based services like laundry services, general house cleaning while we are still expanding into other industries in the real estate sector.

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