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Website Design Expert Ugwuoke Augustine reveals his secret strategies on:

How to Make N300,000 (Guaranteed) within 21 days creating website with your smartphone without writing a single line of code even if you are not techie


Before I proceed to reveal this secret strategy, I would like you to know this isn’t some Ponzi scheme or a get rich quick scheme so if that is what you are looking for, it is better not to waste your time and close this page right away

That being said, if you are still reading then this is definitely for you.

Moving forward which of these categories do you fall under:

You have been hearing of making money online but have never made a single penny online ?

You are skilled in designing websites but you are frustrated as you don’t know how to get clients/customers?

You are looking to start an online business that generates income for you OR you are looking for a side hustle ?

Do you work a 9-5 job and still don’t earn enough to care for your needs ?

You don’t even know anything about web designing, don’t have a laptop but only a smartphone?

If you fall under any of the categories above, then you are in the right place.

If you stay with me till the end of this letter, you will move from just speculating about making money online and struggling to get web design clients to actually making N100k - N300k in the next 21 days and getting loads of clients and customers but before I show you how to do this

I would like watch as Yani who never had any money but was able to gain financial confidence through web design and can now boast of being having steady income. You should hear him for yourself

He’s not actually the only one, here’s another student who has never made a penny online but has been hearing about money making opportunities so he decided to sign up for my web design class and some of my other classes to actually see if making money online is real.

He got his first web design Job of N50,000 after signing up for my web design class.

Dear friend,

You see, I’m not some super human or something like that, I used to be like you before, let me briefly tell you my story

I was this naive broke ass guy who was looking for ways to make money online and change my financial story around

I ventured into several businesses that failed me until I came across a flyer on a WhatsApp group that talks about learning Digital skills and all that.

Of all the skills that was listed, it was only web design that caught my interest.

I have attended several web design trainings in the past of which I spent over N46,000. But in all these trainings, none of them showed me how to earn or make money with my learnt skill.

Not until I discovered some Secrets and strategies to landing numerous web design jobs myself through thorough research and also with the help of one of my friend, a fellow web design colleague too.

So ever since then, I have been able to design several kinds of website for people.

I have made over 12.4 million naira designing websites for people, businesses and companies using my unique secrets strategies to landing numerous web design jobs with good offers like these:

In fact sometimes I even outsource jobs to some of my trained web design students especially when I'm too busy or occupied to take some jobs.

I made so much money with this skill that I rewarded myself with a brand new Toyota Corolla 2009 worth 3.2 million naira as at April 16, 2021.

On the 21st of May I received a call from my ex. I was shocked and surprised at the same time cos I wasn't expecting her to call me after our last break up.

She sounded so calm and I was beginning to suspect something was wrong. She was giving me this suspicious caring attitude over the phone.

Then I had to tell her to make her message clear because I wasn't ready for any more games with her.

She said he she has something to tell me, and I told her to go ahead, it was then she said "I'm pregnant for you" immediately I heard that, I burst out into serious laughter that it got her pissed off. I already knew where this was going.

She was trying to find a means to get back with me due to whatever story she must have heard outside from her friends or people that know me.

Omo shit was funny and crazy cos I knew this was all planed towards she trying to come back into my life or trying to extort me financially but it was too late.

Anyway, it was obvious she was lying cos I told her to send me a test report or we can go do it together.

Well, This is a story for another day. Come to my DM if you want to hear the full gist.

So back to my initial story, After making lots of money through my web design skill and also teaching others how I did it which has generated over 17.8 million naira worth of testimonies shared by my trained students.

Emmanuel here signed up for the web design class and it became a source of income for him, he made N230,000 within 1 month

Take A Closer Look At This

These web design job offers were found using my secret strategies which I use in landing numerous clients.

You see people, businesses and even companies are willing to spend millions of naira in opening physical offices in multiple locations for their business but the world has become a global village where they also have to be visible online so they are willing to spend huge sum of money just to have a professional looking website designed for them.

Web design job offers like these keep popping up every single day if only you how to find them.

What if you can have a guide, a step by step walkthrough to show you how to design professional websites and help you get web design jobs like these and get you results too, would you want that?

I have decided to help as many people as possible who would want to learn a high income skill like this web design especially if you hate coding like I do.

I want to also help you make money and become a millionaire with just this web design skill alone. Web design is one of the skills that made me more millions than I expected.

Let me introduce you to:

What Would You Be Learning in this class?

In my web design class, you will learn:

How to design a website from the scratch with your smartphone or laptop (worth N70,000)

You will learn how get a FREE domain and set up a hosting plan for your websites (worth N25,000)

You will learn to create a business website, company websites and other professional websites (worth N34,000)

You will learn how to create a personal blog like naijaloaded.com, lindaikejisblog.com, etc (worth N35,000)

You will learn how to create an e-commerce website like Jumia.com, konga.com, jiji.ng, etc (worth N47,000)

You will also learn how to set up your payment gateway for your e-commerce website and other websites (worth N46,000)

You will learn how to secure your website from hackers (valued at N13,000)

Above all, you will learn how my students and I get and land jobs on a regular basis and how you can monetize this skill to make at least N300,000-N500,000 monthly (worth N69,000)

I will give you my templates, secrets and strategies on how to land high paying clients who are willing to pay you N100,000-N500,000 both locally and internationally (worth N70,000)

You will be shown my one secret to how I made N330,000 from an untold secret and strategy (worth N35,000)

You will learn how to also earn in dollars as you get a FREE Upwork account instead of paying me N3,000 normally to create an account for you. (worth N32,000)

You will get a template that reveals to you all the secrets and strategies of top rated freelancers and how they make N400,000-N2 Million naira monthly (worth N47,000)

You get my professional logo creation course sold at N10,000 for FREE and you charge N7,000-N10,000 for each logo created (worth N53,000)

You will get my course on how to convert any Website to an android app and you charge N10,000-N20,000 for it (worth 35,000)

You will get my course on secrets to landing numerous web design jobs sold at N5,000 for FREE (worth N53,000)

You will get a Sabificate and a certificate of completion after taking this course

You will also be added to the support and mentorship group where you can drop your questions and challenges if you have any and it will be attended to by me or other web designers on the group

You will also get to meet other web designers on the group where you share ideas and strategies with.

The total worth of this class is calculated to be worth N790,000.

This class is an automated course meaning you get the teachings and everything you need to know about Web design and you start practicing immediately.

This means no risk of loosing WhatsApp messages as everything has been made easier for you as it has all been compiled into a pdf file with well planned videos, texts and audios which you can get and go through at your own convenient time even if you are the most busy person on earth.

At this point, you already know what you stand to gain from this offer and how it will change your life financially


If you don’t take action now, nothing will change.

You will still remain broke and keep hearing stories about how people make money online, in fact 21 days from now, you would not make N300k and you will still end up frustrated trying to figure out how this making money online thing works.

If you work a frustrating 9-5 job, you will still end up collecting that frustrating salary that can barely take care of your needs.

However, If you also make the wise decision now by signing up for this web design training now, you will not have to worry about making money online ever again.

In 21 days from now, you will make your first N300k online creating website for people (Guaranteed)

How Much Is This Training?

I can easily charge N100k for this training without feeling guilty and that’s still even a steal for you.

Whether you join the training or not, I will keep creating websites and keep using my secret strategies to get more clients and make more millions for myself and my students.

But if you join, you make your first N300k in 21days (Guaranteed)

I'm charging N70k for this intensive training

However if you pay now, I'll give you an 60% discount

Pay N30,000 instead of N70,000

Click on any of the buttons below to sign up now

You should know this 60% discount is only available to the first 10 people that pays under 2 hours, afterwards it goes back to the original price of N70,000

After you click on the button, it'll take you to a secure payment page where you'll fill in your details...

And once your payment is successful, you'll get access to the course immediately via your email.

You can also switch to the bank transfer option on the payment page, follow the on screen instructions and you'll be granted access to the training.


100% Money Back Guarantee

I understand that N30,000 might be a huge Investment for you, hence my reason for giving this guarantee.

Over 681+ members have taken and undergone this course and none have ever shown dissatisfaction about the value they get from this course.

Instead they always return with Testimonies to share. However we have recorded over 17.2 million naira worth of testimonies shared by my trained students.

You will get a refund if you apply everything in this course and you didn't make 10 times your registration fee in the first one month of implementation.

All you have to do to get your refund is to send me a message on WhatsApp, my contact is in the course and show me that you really implemented all I taught and didn't make any money and I will give you a full refund of your money.


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