Before You Go... Wouldn't You Like To Know How And Where To Get High Quality Customers Without Running Sponsored Ads??

Revealed! How to get as many customers than you can possibly handle & sell your product/services to them without begging even if you Are a newbie selling online

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Dear Friend,

A lot of times when people hear this, they think it’s a program that’ll show how to start messaging random people from WhatsApp groups or getting VCF file of random people and hoping they’ll buy from you.

This is not that sort of customer acquisition strategy.

You would agree with me that for any business to grow, you will need more people to see your product often, right?

As a matter of fact, this strategy of sending DMs to random people devalues your brand and the product/services you offer,

instead of being the needed, you look and are perceived to be the needy.

In business, in order to increase your perceived value, your customers should need you (your product/services) rather than the opposite.

In other words, you should attract your ideal customers to your business and have a system that keeps them glued to you,

this is where you speak the language of your target audience through quality content creation

that engages them to interact with your brand hence you build loyalty for your brand.

A lot of gurus would tell you in order to get your ideal customers, you need to run direct sales Ads

What they don't mention to you is that 'the work of an Ads is to sell the click' whether you make sales or not, you still get charged.

From statistics only 2-3% of your ideal customers are in ‘buying mode’ so how much more money would you spend on Ads before you have a list of ideal buyers 

Like the saying: The person with the highest Ads spend wins..

How long can you compete with Giants in the industry, companies like Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Grant Cardone etc

So if you’re only targeting the 2-3% that are in their ‘buying mode’ then you’re missing on the larger share of the market (97-98%) of your ideal customers.

Remember your competitors are also doing the same, trying hard to get the same 2-3% of your ideal audience in their ‘buying mode’.

So how do you beat your competitors, make sales & build your list with ideal audience?

Here is a report by RainSalesTraining on how many contacts it takes before you convert a new prospect into a buyer.

Statistics has it that it takes at least 8 contact before someone makes a buying decision.

Also the marketing 7 by 7 rule states that:

What this means is if you must run Ads to reach your ideal audience.

Then you must spend more money to reach the same audience to see your marketing message for at least 7 times.

How It All Started For Me

Back in 2017 was when I sold my first digital product (an ebook) on ‘how to mine BTC’.

I sold for $5 (N2,750) each to total strangers on fiverr until no other person was asking about my product…

It was at this point I realized I can’t just wait for customers to find me, I needed to do something different to get people to see what I had for sale.

I realized the Internet was more of a global market place just like the regular market where you have to attract your customer even if it mean pulling their cloth to check out your shop.

One of the many things I have done in is jump into as many WhatsApp groups I could find,

then prepare a message I send to the members all in the name of connecting with them.. lol 

My WhatsApp status views grew actually but does that equal to sales, absolutely not.

I was just shouting my product all over my status with lots of views, yet no sales at all plus a hanging phone…

What I Did Differently

Over the years, I have sold other digital products ranging from PayPal creation, marketing videos, animation videos tutorials…

mostly on WhatsApp leveraging on WhatsApp TVs to get people in their ‘buying mode’.

I made some sales but I lost potentially 98% of the market share because as at then I didn’t know these statistics

neither do I know how to capture almost 100% of my ideal customers and still sell to the 2-3% in their ‘buying mode’...

until I discovered these secrets in a Sales & Marketing class I paid for by Dayo Oladiran on WhatsApp.

I didn’t just acquire the whole strategy after attending a single class but this was the beginning of my Journey.

I’ve also been privileged to learn more under people like Joseph Don, Dayo Oladiran, Austine (The Billionaire Mentor)

Bought and read loads of Sales & Marketing books, the likes of Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby among other trainings.

Implement! Implement!! Implement!!!

This is the language of 'gurus',

What I hear most gurus say which I didn't joke with whenever I just acquired a new knowledge/skill set

I would take tine to test it out to see the results for myself

but as time went by, I got some right, failed some until I was finally able to create and perfect my own strategy that:

  • Generates high quality leads for me on demand
  • Sell to the starving audience instantly &
  • Nurture others to buy my product overtime.

I have also shown this same strategy I use to take my larger share of my ideal customers to 27 other people who attended my last class on Leads Generation & Sales Funnel

Here’s what some of my students have to say after the training.

"I have gained well Beyond What I paid"

"Great Lessons, worth more than the price"

"It was Worth more than i'd pay for"

"I'd recommend It To Anyone"

"I'll Integrate In My Next Marketing Message"

"there is something different about this one"


In this class is where you learn the exact strategies that I created which will help you get as many high quality leads, customers, clients than you can possibly handle without begging anyone to buy.

This same strategy have been effectively used by affiliate marketers, information marketers, physical product sellers and as you can see with excellent results

What Is This Strategy That's Working For Everyone?

It's actually pretty simple & a 3 step process:
?Create a throat-grabbing lead magnet
?Deploy it where your ideal customers are gathered
?Give them a compelling irresistible offer

Yes, I just told you one of the many strategies that has been working to convert total strangers to paying customers.

One of the many things you will be learning is how to use this strategy to close sales & how to set it to work for you on autopilot (whether you are there or not, it keeps working for you)

Here are other things you will be learning

?How to position yourself properly as an authority figure in any niche & attract ONLY quality leads to your business.

?How to create unique lead magnet for any product/service you offer

?How to generate quality leads that are interested in the product/services you offer/sell without sounding needy and without spending a penny on Ads.

?How to make more of your leads buy your product/services instantly via cold calling.

?How to structure 3 high converting sales funnel for any product/services to make instant sales and increase your ROI on Ads spend.

?How to convert leads in ‘buying mode’ into paying customers instantly on first contact without owning a website using the LIM formula

?How to build a list of quality leads and repel freeloaders

?How to connect with your audience through story telling that builds your brand presence in your audience minds (gurus call this audience nurturing)

?How to write a persuasive sales copy that would be irresistible to your ideal audience.

?The safest place to build and grow your list (potential customers) on the Internet without ever losing a single details.

And lots more…

Are There Any Bonuses Attached To This Workshop?

You sef ehnn, ahn ahn, after all these things I have mentioned that you’ll learn, you still want bonus sha 

Anyways there are some bonuses attached:


Bonus 1 - How to convert your simple product into irresistible offers your ideal customers can only say NO to if they happen to be idiots (ebook)

Value = N3,000


Bonus 2 - How to convert your simple product into irresistible offers your ideal customers can only say NO to if they happen to be idiots (ebook)

Value = N3,000


Bonus 3 - 21 free traffic sources and how to get yours (ebook)

Value = N1,500


Bonus 4 - Access to the WhatsApp community where you connect with likeminded people & experts.

Value = N5,000


Bonus 5 - 10 high converting WhatsApp Influencers numbers.

Value = N2,000


Bonus 6 - Access to the WhatsApp community where you connect with likeminded people & experts.

Value = N5,000


Bonus 7 You get to become an affiliate for this course:

After taking this workshop, if you deem it fit, you get a 50% commission on each sign up that comes from you, no work required...

I’ve done all the heavy lifting by creating the Ads copy, the sales page, your affiliate link and testimonials so all you just do daily is a simple post on your status. & you get paid for simply recommending the training to other people.

Value = Unlimited

Total Value Of Bonuses = N14,500 + Unlimited Commission 

All These You Will Get For Free If Only You Sign Up For The 'Traffic Domination Workshop' Today.

If you’re to get on a 1 on 1 consultation call with any lead generation & sales expert for an hour, you cannot pay anything less than N30,000.

That’s even the cheapest consultation call you can have with an expert in lead generation & sales funnels.

Here’s a review of a 1 on 1 session with me, I still wasn’t able to cover all this, she still had to join my group training.

While alternatively you could go on your own to learn & stack up all these experiences, go through pains, sleepless nights, endless trial & error

And most importantly it would take you a lot of time to get all these right.

You cannot get it all right in nothing less than 6 months if you study 5 hours daily to discover all that is listed there.

Why waste 3 months what you can get under 2hours, it’s not worth it to me, or is it to you?

However, I’m not even going to be charging you N30,000, I won’t even charge you N10,000 for this…

And just so you know this, I’m not trying to create artificial scarcity or urgency here, I’ll be frank with you on how you can access this training immediately.

This workshop is a recorded live video session that held on telegram, which includes live interactive practical session in real time so this means you get instant access, study at your own pace and implement as well.

I have also made sure you can get instant access at anytime by placing the link to the video tutorials in a pdf format so even if you don't have a telegram account, you can still access it anytime on any device of your choice.

To join this workshop, you have just 2 options.

  1. Be an early bird
  2. Be a late comer and pay more

The early bird fee is just N3,000 if you take action right now, it is limited to only 7 people who are fast action takers, once the timer goes out, you will be redirected to a new page where you can no longer pay N3,000 but the initial price of N5,000.


However, you should know currently 43 people have signed up and attended this workshop, so the early bird offer is open to 7 more people then the price goes up again.

Alternatively as soon as the timer hits zero, you get redirected and pay N5,000 instead of N3,000

PS: The first workshop went for only N1,000 for early birds while the late comers got to pay N3,000 for the same training.

This means once you miss this, we stack up more value in the training bundle, there will no longer be an early bird offer and the fee would no longer be N5,000, maybe N10,000 or N15,000, who knows….

money back

14 day Guarantee

Risk free

Does this workshop have any guarantee?

Yes, absolutely, you have a 14 days money back guarantee but listen up, if after 14 days of taking this class and implementing to the letter all that was taught and you still do not get results.

Then just send me a message via WhatsApp after 14 days with proof that you actually implemented exactly how I taught you and you still have no result to show for it.

I’ll give you back your money x2 with a letter of apology.

Imagine yourself 6 months from now, you now sell out your product effortlessly.

You’re overbooked for the service you render and your products are sold out back to back

You now need to employ someone to even help you out, your audience now sees you as an expert & refers people to you effortlessly

all because you took the decision to learn how to attract and nurture your ideal audience today.

But imagine yourself 6 months from now with 50-100 WhatsApp customers.

You are still adding random people from groups & buying VCF files

You’re begging people to buy from you and begging for referrals

The business now seems like you only have 0.001% of the total market share, you’re running Ads constantly but getting little to no sales.

Would you rather be in position A or B in 6 months from now.

You can make the wise decision now.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Does this also work for physical product sellers?

Absolutely, the workshop is customized for both physical & digital products sellers

How easy is it to implement this strategy?

It’s quite straightforward & simple, If you can follow simple instructions and video trainings then you can implement this strategy without stress.

Would I need to run ads after this?

If you want to. You’ll be learning 2 different strategies to generate leads for your product, one won’t cost you a penny on Ads

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