An Open Letter To Every Nigerian Who Wants To Lose Weight In Just 14Days But Does Not Want To Visit The Gym And Does Not Want To Stop Eating The Food You Want

Let me start this letter by asking you a few questions:

Would you like to lose weight without lifting a single weight and eating what you want?

Would you like to burn your body fat in the next 14 days without doing any strenuous exercise ?

If you answered yes to these, this is the most important page you will ever visit.

But before I go into details on this....

Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Whatever I Say?

My name is Ibrahim Shakirat and I am the founder of Shakket Beauty. One of Nigeria’s top beauty brands. What this means is that I have helped hundreds of people gain weight, lose weight and transform their body and skin from what they do not like to who they desired to be.

Out of the hundreds of people who I have helped in their journey of their body transformation using natural herbs that helps them achieve their desired body shape with no side effects

Rosie here is one of them….

Rosie lives in Lagos and was referred by a friend and within weeks of using our weight loss product, this was what she said:

"I love my new body... thanks to you"

Also Sally from Kenya got our weight loss products, here's how she looks before using and after using our weight loss product, she said: 

 "It's amazing... I really love it"

I want to show you how you can lose weight, reduce body fat and have a sexy body within 14 days.

But before I do....

What causes body fat in the first place?

Ideally body fat can be caused by a number of things ranging from genetic, metabolic and hormonal influences the human body to add weight...

But the ideal reason 98% of people have excess body fat happens when you take in more food that contains calories than you burn through normal daily activities and exercises.

Your body stores these excess calories and converts it to fat.

The reason most people don't see quick results when they hit the gym to burn fat is because lifting of heavy weights only helps you lose a certain amount of calories slowly ​while when you eat the food you like, you add more calories than you lost the previous day at the gym.

This is why you are forced into a diet plan you are uncomfortable with.

Is there An easy way out?

Yes, there is and that's natural herbs that are proven to work from years back and still work till today. These herbs strengthens your hormones that helps you burn more calories faster with minimal effort. 

This way you are able to burn up existing calories (fat) in your body faster while you eat the food you want.

That is why I created a product that comprises of 100% Natural herbs that can help anyone lose weight in 14 days without lifting any heavy weights and while still eating the food you want..

100% Natural herbs

No side effects

Let me Introduce to you:

Tummy Blast/Weight Loss Herbs

I created this product with you in mind as I realized a lot of people lack self-confidence of their body size and it has affected their social life, even some have lost their partners due to this weight issue.

This product will help you achieve:

  • How to lose weight without having a saggy skin
  • How to have the perfect busy shape that will increase your self esteem within 14 days.
  • How to easily lose as much as 4 kg weight without engaging in any strenuous exercise
  • How to lose belly fat that will make you look younger even if you do not want to be on a diet plan while eating what you want.

That's Just A Tip Of The Iceberg, There's Still More

  • How to stay healthy and never worry about high blood pressure even if the Doctor has diagnosed you of high blood pressure before
  • How to have a banging hot summer body that will make your partner love you more and be scared of losing you
  • How to have the perfect body to fit in any attire that even Instagram celebrities dare not wear within 14 days
  • How to have the perfect body shape so you can attend pool parties without feeling uncomfortable 
  • How to easily become the attention grabber whenever you step into an occasion
  • It will help you catch the attention of your crush even if they never noticed you before and make them want you instantly.
  • Make your lover get addicted and stay addicted to your new body structure while being is irritated by other women/men

And lots more…

Why Am I Able To Make Such Claims?

All these are possible because the product contains chia seed which has been proven by research to be very effective in reducing belly fat and cardamom powder which helps the body burn fat much faster.

See For Yourself

According to Google, it shows natural herbs have proven to reduce weight if used properly.

You are one step away from losing your excess body fat, having the body of your dreams and being happy in your own skin but before I tell you how to lay your hands on this product, let me quickly chip this in....

Most of my clients (8 out of 10) after using the weight loss product comes back to buy more beauty products which they pay individually for + delivery fee 

So I have included these products as a complimentary gift for you so you don’t have to spend extra to buy them after you see results (even though I’d love to sell them to you and make more money)


Glow oil guide

In this guide, I’ll show you how to make 100% natural glow oil that will make you have spotless, clear, clean and healthy skin you can boast of..

I actually use the secrets in this guide to produce glow oils which I sell for as high as N5,000 per bottle.

Value= N20,000


Butt and hips enlargement Blueprint

If you’re a lady, you know how a banging body shape could attract the right man to you while if you’re a man, you know how you’d want your woman’s body to scatter every occasion..

This is a step by step guide on how to increase your butt size and hips naturally with no side effects whatsoever

Value= N15,500

This guide is responsible for the Butt and Hips enlargement oil product I create and sell to my clients and here are some results my clients have been able to achieve with it in 3 weeks of use.


Blushing Beauty: Your Ultimate Guide to pink lips

In this guide, you will learn step by step via video how to make your pink lips scrub and balm so you can have gorgeous smile.

Value= N9,000

Some of my clients after using our product and losing a lot of weight comes back to get our weight gain product to add some flesh to their weight

If you happen to be one of them possibly in the nearest future, then I have you covered with 


The Bulking Blueprint: your roadmap to weight gain success

The comprehensive step-by-step digital guide that provides you with all the tools and information you need to achieve your weight gain goals.

With expert tips, meal plans, workout routines, and more, The Bulking Blueprint is the perfect companion for anyone looking to gain weight and build muscle."

Value= N25,000

Oh, before I forget, the weight loss product also comes with a FREE nationwide delivery to your doorstep which normally goes for N2,000 - N5,000 depending on your location in Nigeria.

Total Value of these GIFTS: N69,500

All these GIFTS you’ll be getting for FREE if you take action now.

At this point, you definitely have 2 questions and one is:

Is There A Guarantee?

Take It To The Bank Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Absolutely! I understand you might be skeptical about the results you’ll get maybe due to past experience or something but here’s my guarantee….

This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

This means if after 21 days (this is typically when our past clients starts to see results) of using the product, you are not satisfied with the weight loss using this product as recommended.

I will refund your money, just send proof that you used it and it didn’t work for you to me on WhatsApp on +2349034410355 and I will refund your money and even compensate you for wasting your time.



Why am I giving such a crazy guarantee?

It might sound crazy to you but it’s not to me. I am 100% confident in my product and that it works so you will be blown away by the results you get from using this product as I have helped hundreds of my clients achieve this in the past.

I can boldly say you’ll be shocked by the results and would definitely refer your friends looking to lose weight to get this product.

Like I said earlier, you have 2 questions, one which I have answered, the second obvious question you must have is.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you look at the value of the complimentary product on the glow oil guide, the natural skin care routine guide and the butt and hips enlargement guide...

you will realize each of these guides are single businesses on its own and could cost as high as N15,000 to N20,000 if buying these products one by one.

If you also look at the cost of delivery in Nigeria today, you know it cost between N2,000 - N5,000, sometimes even as high as N10,000 depending on the location and the size of the product but you’re getting FREE nationwide delivery.

And also looking at all the product would do for you, how much do you think this would cost?

N50,000 or maybe N40,000??

Also if you look at the exchange rates today, you’ll realize the dollar to a naira is over N700/$, I actually stocked up when it was still around N550/$, if I am to charge based on today’s rate, I will be charging more and making more.

But this product won’t cost you N50,000, not even N20,000

Without beating around the bush, this product is going to cost you an investment of just N15,000.

I call it an investment because the best investment in this world is in one’s self and part of that is your appearance.

With just fifteen thousand naira only, you can order this product and have it delivered to you within 24-48 hours.

If you read this letter till this point, then it is obvious you are committed to reducing your weight.

Here’s what I will do to reward you. If you are among the first 5 people to place an order right now, you’ll get a 33% discount so instead of paying N15,000, you pay only N10,000 if you order right now.

To place an order right now, click the button below, you will be taken to a secure payment page to enter all your details like your Email address, delivery address and phone number so we can contact you to confirm your availability when we send your product to you.

On the payment page, you can pay via your ATM card, you can also use the bank transfer option too, once payment is confirmed, you will be receive an Email containing your free ebook trainings as promised and we will contact you as soon as we are about to dispatch the product to your location within 24-48 hours.

I should also let you know this product has a limited quantity as the last time I ordered, I stocked up over 100 pieces which I have sold off, just 15 pieces is what is left as at when I write this.

I cannot guarantee we will have any left before the end of today, once we sell out, it could take months for another set to arrive due to importation, shipping delays, with the recent dollar to naira price, the price when we restock will definitely be higher.

So place an order now, so you can get it before we run out of stock.

NB: The free gifts I promised to include will be available to you for download as it is in a pdf format so you can access it immediately you pay for this product even if it’s 2AM in the midnight.

Here’s what’s other people are saying

"Hello sis... you won't believe it... I'm not even done with a pack yet... omo if you see me"

Mr Josh got our contact from Facebook and got our weight loss product for his wife, this was what he said after she used it.

"I want to thank you for the product you recommended for my wife, it did a good job on her"

There you have it. I have given you a lot of reasons why you should get this product now.

I showed you all the benefits it will bring to you. I showed you what others are saying about it and I even have you an out of this world guarantee.

You have the opportunity to have the sexy body you desire and be complimented and admired for.

I have done my part, it’s all in your hands now. It is up to you to take action.

Your friend,

Ibraheem Shakirat

CEO, Shakket Beauty

PS: The 30% discount is on a first come, first serve basis, as soon as the first 5 people orders, the price goes back to N10,000

PSS: Immediately we run out of stock, the complimentary products added would be removed and the product alone is what I will offer for N10,000 or more (depending on the dollar to naira rate on our next order)

PPS: The nationwide FREE delivery of this product expires immediately we sell out the remaining 15 products we have in stock.

PPPS: If pretenders begin to abuse this guarantee just to scam me, I will consider removing the offer. What you should do is make sure you order now before such a thing happens.


What does the product look like?

The herbs is packed in a 200g zip lock pouch with a green sticker on it.

What if I miss a day of using it, would it still work for me?

Yes, it will work.

Can I eat anytime I like?

Yes but always eat dinner before 7,do not eat late night food.

Can I eat anytime I like?

Yes but always eat dinner before 7,do not eat late night food.

Do I have to stop eating food I love while using it ?

No, you can eat whatever you like while using it.

How many kg will I lose when I’m done using the herbs?

You will lose a minimum of 4 kg and a maximum of 6 kg per pack

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