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If Shade could gain weight even after she stopped using the syrub for 1 week

"I have stopped the syrubs for close to 1 week now but yet still I dey fat from waist, hip and thighs anyhow"

and Bose who gained weight from 48kg to 54kg in less than 2 weeks with no added daily activity.

Just think how much weight you could add in less than 30 days…

From the Desk of Dvash.

Dear friend,

Your body is the only asset you carry with you anywhere and everywhere you go whether you like how you look or not, you just cannot drop it at home and wear a new one.

However you can get the desired body you want, gain weight and look exactly how you feel comfortable.

If what you are looking for is to increase in weight, have the banging fleshy body you admire so much then make sure you read till the end as this could be the most important page you will visit today.

In June 2016, my real life started…

Yes, I say my real life because that was when I was fully aware of my tiny frame and hello no, I didn’t like it at all.

I was always self-conscious about my weight (bony structure) and always felt uncomfortable and ashamed of my thin body frame to the point that I found it hard to go outside.

I'm not an Introvert but my tiny body size made me always want to remain indoors.

In my days in the University, there’s always these funny names. Some people are called even by teachers based on some characteristics the person had, there was ‘efiko’ the one for the very brilliant ones and ‘calculator’ for the smart math genius.

I also got a name but mine was ‘bony structure or egungun’, like that wasn’t enough, I had another one, only me had 2 to 3 nicknames, the other was ‘stick figure’.

My routine was to go to school, attend lectures, and go back home. I found it hard associating with people not to talk of having friends, just to avoid people, I carefully plan my meal so I don’t have to go to the canteen/restaurant to buy food.

Everyday deep down, I wish I could just stop schooling and just be indoors where no one can get to me with these names. To make matters worse even strangers had the popular nickname to call me ‘lepa’ (it’s a Yoruba word for a lean person)

I was lucky enough to find love but I didn't know it wasn't love as my boyfriend was only interested in what I could offer and not me.

I overheard him talk to his friends about how my ass was flat like an ironing board and how I was too thin.

This affected me so badly, I broke up with him.

After that, I was determined to gain weight and build my self-esteem...

I was desperate for anything that could help me gain weight, so I used a lot of multivitamins as people advised. It'll help me gain weight but still my frame didn’t change, I bought anything anyone recommended but it all seems like we were at war with each other.

I was at the edge of giving up completely, that was when I met Dvash and she told me her product would work for me, I wasn’t going to even take her word for it until she said she’d refund 100% my money back if I used it and didn’t gain weight, even as much as I was skeptical, her unshakable confidence was tempting so I decided to give it a try.

For the first time since 2016 that I’ve been desperate for a solution, I can finally go outside anyhow I like, feel confident in my body and wear exactly what I wish and finally stop isolating myself. I now have a high self esteem and feel a very high self worth.

I would be introducing you to this life-changing solution but before I do, let me sound this alarm

WARNING: Do Not Get This Product If You Cannot Handle This

"I dey find Aboki wey go lose am small gimme"

"But your weight Gain is magic, I've added weight oo"

What Product Exactly Has Brought This Body Transformation For Men And Others


{Insert Image of the Product}

Insert Image

The (product name) is a 100% Natural ingredient containing herbs and ___ which comes in ___ form and is used in ____ ways to gain weight effortlessly.

This product will unlock your body to:

  • Effortlessly gain weight to your desired weight and help you increase your muscle mass without having to hit the gym
  • It will boost your immune system to eradicate the risk of health related problems such as osteoporosis, anemia and increase your body nutrition levels naturally so you don’t have to visit the hospital.
  • It will completely take away social stigmatization and bullying from others so you can make your family and friends jealous of your new flashy body
  • It will increase your low self-esteem issues and make you love your new body so you can meet new people.
  • .You will DEVELOP your appetite which will effortlessly increase your weight even if you don’t like eating much and lose appetite easily.
  • It will increase your stamina level and endurance muscles so you can perform physical activities for longer even if you don’t exercise or visit the gym
  • It will DRASTICALLY reduce risk of injury from weak bones and muscles by repairing damaged tissues in your body.
  • It will ELIMINATE your social isolation lifestyle restoring your confidence so that you can go out and connect with more people.
  • You will EASILY start wearing clothes that fits perfectly on you so you can leave onlookers in shock and get nice compliments from strangers
  • It will BOOST your dopamine level to instantly ELIMINATE anxiety and depression even if you feel a negative self-perception of yourself.


  • It will repair your hypothalamus hormones so you can have a regulated body temperature
  • It will repair your glucagon hormones so you can have healthy blood sugar levels.
  • It will boost your adipose cell responsible for maintaining healthy body fats levels so you only gain weight and burn out unhealthy excess fat.

And Lots More...

You Will Also Have Instant Access To These Additional Gifts


Gift 1 - The Ultimate Explosive Meal Plans 

You get our customized meal plan tailored to help you make informed food choices to reach your weight goal faster.



Gift 2 - Our Special Progress Tracking System

This is a progress tracking tool specially created so you can easily track your weight, body measurements and strength progress over time. This tool keeps you motivated while you see the progress you are making



Gift 3 - Natural Supplement Guide 

This is a step by step guide to nutritional supplements that can quicken your weigh gain process and also help you develop your muscles mass.



Gift 4 - Exclusive Weight Gain Consultant

You get a free consultation session with a weight gain specialist you can reach out to anytime and get personalized advice and feedback to support your progress.


Total Value of Additional Gifts = N

Here’s What Others Who Have Used This Product Are Saying

"It doesn't even make me have a big tummy like i do when i take blood tonic"

"Your syrub is making me add weight o"

"seriously your weight gain syrub and powder is a bomb"

Now let's talk about the guarantee...

If You Buy [Product name] And You Are Not 100% Convinced At The Increase In Wright You See, We Will Refund Your Money And Post A Public Letter Of Apology On All Our Social Media Pages For Wasting Your Time

Yes, you read that correctly.

If you buy {product name} and use it as instructed to and you do not gain weight, all you need to do is send us a WhatsApp message (our number is contained in the payment receipt) and we will return your money to you.

  • No questions asked

  • No arguing with you 

  • I will just return your money

It’s the season of love, we are sharing love to the first 10 people who order today. If you are among the first 10 to place an order today, you get to enjoy free delivery nationwide, this means you do not have to pay for delivery fee.

But as soon as we have shared love to the first 10 people, once you click the payment button below, the price would include the delivery fee. You should also note this free delivery is valid till 15th of February.

How Much Does This Product Cost?

Insert Image

Now let me ask you. How much do you think is too much to get a product that will help you gain weight effortlessly, restore your self confidence and give you your dream body your friends would feel jealous of?

I would say it’s priceless, you are priceless.

Also if you look to have a session with a weight gain specialist even for just an hour for personalized advice, you would spend nothing less than N___ which you are getting for free as an additional gift.

Let me go straight to it.

I can easily charge N50k for this product without feeling guilty.

Whether you buy it or not, it won’t change the fact that my clients who have used it have gotten their results and are enjoying their dream body with their desired weight.

But if you get it, it will help you gain weight and not excess unhealthy fat.

I’m charging N___ for this product.

However if you pay now, I’ll be giving you an __% as a promo for the valentines (season of love)

Pay N__ instead of N__

"Your weight gain is 3 in 1... My breast that were not even healthy are now standing and looking for people's boyfriends and husbands"

Methods Of Payment

Click the button below to pay now

Once you click on the button, you will be taken to a secure payment page where you will be asked to fill in your details.

After which you will see the different payment options to pay via

Option 1

Pay Via ATM Card

With this option, you will input your ATM card details to complete the payment

Option 2

Pay With Bank

This option takes you to a secure login page of your bank internet banking where you login and make the payment

Option 3

Pay With Transfer

You will be given a dedicated account number to pay into, once you complete payment, click on the ‘I’ve completed payment’ button to complete your payment

option 4

Pay With USSD

This option allows you to complete payment via your Bank USSD code.

Option 5

Pay With Visa QR

You will be given a dedicated account number to pay into, once you complete payment, click on the ‘I’ve completed payment’ button to complete your payment

Okay… let’s wrap this up.

I’ve given you a lot of reasons why you should buy this product. I showed you what others are saying, I showed you how it will benefit you, I also added some hefty additional gifts alongside an out of this world guarantee.

You have the opportunity to gain weight effortlessly and not have excess unhealthy fat too. I have done my part, it is up to you to take action now.

One month from now, you could be wicking your desired outfit in your fleshy banging body making your friends and family envy you if you take action today.

Be the smart action taker today.

Your friend,


(Business name).

PS: The free delivery offer is only for the first 10 people to place an order today, it’s on a first pay - first serve basis.

PPS: All additional gifts will be available to you in your email immediately your payment is completed.

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