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How To Make Money In Real Estate With Or Without Having Any Money

Nov 29, 2021 | 3 mins read

Dear friend,

This report is not a lengthy one but a short, detailed and straight to the point.

Have you ever thought of never ever working for money again?

And making your money work for you?

Yes, that is where Real Estate comes in

And Yes Real Estate isn't about only land and you can make money from real estate, with or without having any money.

So what is Real Estate?

According to Wikipedia:

Real estate is property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this item of real property, buildings or housing in general.

So in short, Real Estate is a landed property or a land itself…

Let me ask you this simple question, who owns all the land in the world before mankind?

The answer is GOD, so the land belongs to God, I’m not being religious here, I’m just trying to make a point, whatever was on earth before man & would still remain after man leaves is a sure source of wealth because it’s not going anywhere, it only keeps appreciating

So let me chip in this before we continue. If you can recognize some of the things belonging to God on earth and own a portion, you are sure to create generational wealth.

So things like Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Diamonds, all these things were here before mankind and would remain here after we leave including land, these are God’s currencies…

Come to think of it, since the inception of money, money has always evolved and depreciated in value, from trade by barter to cowries, to paper money and now crypto, that is it the point here the point here is money has always changed form but God’s properties in this case land and currencies (gold, silver, Diamond) has always appreciated in value. Do you research if you don’t believe in it?

So now that we have been able to establish the fact that money evolves and most times depreciates in value.

Land and earthly currencies would keep growing and appreciating in value.

So you agree with me that Land is an asset and money stored would never increase in value, correct ?

Real Estate shouldn't be as hard as a lot of people make it look so for this reason I will be demystifying all the secrets and make it as simple as it is so you can also make money almost instantly from real estate. 

Now we are both seeing things from the same perspective, let’s talk about:

How to Make Money In Real Estate With Or Without Money

Let’s start with having money, to invest in real estate with money, just get a reliable real estate agent or company and buy real estate properties like Land, Buildings, Hotels, Offices, Shopping Malls, Factories, the list are endless.

Just make sure you buy what you have knowledge about, I’ll be focusing more on land, that is what I know much about.

So that is about having money to invest in real estate.

Now How To Invest In Real Estate Without Having Any Money
I’ll be mentioning & explaining only 2 ways.

  • Real Estate Brokerage:
    As a real estate broker, your job is very simple, simply link a buyer to a seller & you get your commission for doing that, commissions are about 5-15% of the total amount of the property. Let’s say you connected a buyer with a seller & closed a land deal worth N1,000,000 and your cut is just 10%, that means you get paid instantly N100,000 just by being a middle man, as simple as that.
    But as a broker, you have some underground work to do, some of which is searching for a reliable real estate company (explained above) and these days you even see them almost everywhere, on TVs, Radios, Online, just verify they’re legit, tell them you’re a broker and ask what’s your commission if you get them a buyer and that’s pretty it.

So now how do you get buyers?

Very simple, leverage on Social media, post about the properties that’s available for sale on your status, leverage on WhatsApp TVs, generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

If you don’t know how to generate leads & convert them into paying customers, you can send me a WhatsApp DM, I have a course on that.

So let’s continue, you can also get buyers by leveraging on a higher authority's trust (your parents, mentors, friends and all)…

There are thousands of people looking for real estate properties to buy, connect them to sellers & get paid, as simple as that.

Real Estate Management:
This is what most people refer to as an agent but you don’t have to look tattered and start running around under the hot sun to do this. 

I’ll be revealing to you real estate properties you can manage and make cool money for yourself with less stress.

In Real Estate Management, you have an agreement with a property owner where you will take care and look after the property for the owner. Taking care of the property includes fixing and repairing stuff that develops fault, keeping the property in good shape and filling it up with tenants, you should know the cost of fixing and all is paid by the property owner not you the manager.

So how do you make money here, by simply adding your % to the rent fee.
Let’s take for example, you manage a building with 20 rooms and each room goes for 70k yearly, your % on each rent is 10%, that means you get to keep N7,000 on each room and on all 20 rooms, you get N7,000 x 20 = N140,000 with ease on just one building/property. 

You can manage as many buildings as your capacity can take so here’s the part where I tell you how you will not be running around under the hot sun like other regular agents do?

Simply look for an area where there is/are tertiary institution and hostels are being built, while these hostels are still under construction, get to know the owner and negotiate a management deal with them.
Most people who build big hostels in areas where tertiary institutions are located do not have time to manage it themselves so that is where you come in…

There are a lot of tertiary institutions in Nigeria and more will keep coming, remember once you manage these buildings, it is certain students would keep coming year in, year out so you have 100% assurance, tenants would be rushing you every year ? 

You gerrit, do not let this secrets out ?

Remember you’re not into real estate to make money alone but to build wealth, building wealth in real estate comes by investing the money you made into real estate properties.
As you have read this to the end, I'm sure you would implement and start making money for yourself via real estate but I would like to let you know, the big bucks in real estate comes from investing which I am sure interest you regardless of whether you want to make money from real estate with money or without...

But this I must tell you, investing in real estate comes with lots of risks, which without proper knowledge can make you lose thousands and even millions of naira so for this reason I have prepared a guide to help you identify and overcome the risk(s) associated with real estate investments.

Some of the risks involves:
Purchasing Government owned properties which ends you in trouble at the long run.
Falling victim of fraudsters (419)
Buying fake properties or someone else's property.
Purchasing a property that wouldn't appreciate in value fast. 

Before I show you that, quickly check answers to

some of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS you may Have


  • Question 2

  • Question 3

Do I need a special Certification to become a real estate broker/manager?

Absolutely not, but if you do have a certificate or a real estate license, that is an added advantage.

This guide is titled: "...Before You Invest In Real Estate: Beginners walkthrough on how to spot real estate investment that will grow fast"

What Will You Be Learning? 

  • Land Banking: The secrets to making BIG money in real estate
  • 5 Factors You Didn’t Know That Makes A Land Appreciate Fast (#3 could cost you N1m)
  • What You Can Do To Identify And Own A Genuine Land In Nigeria
  • You’ll Have Access to Ask Me Anything while you implement it.

I can guarantee with this guide, you can start your real estate journey & make 500,000 to 1 million under 2 months.

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This guide contains text and audio files in a pdf format so you can get the in-depth knowledge into real estate investing.

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