An Open Letter To Every Man in Nigeria Who Wants To Last Longer In Bed Naturally In Just 14 Days Without Taking Any Sex Pills/Herbal concoction!

By David Emmanuel.

Dear friend,

The last thing I want to do is offend you… or… make you emotionally uncomfortable. I’m telling you this because…

The Rest Of This Message Is All About Sex!

If the subject of sex embarrasses you… or … if your religion teaches you sex is bad… or … if the idea of having extremely long lasting good sex offends you… please … stop reading right now.

However, if you’ve ever dreamed of discovering all the little known secrets of truly lasting longer in bed naturally (less than 1 out of 10,000 people know about this)… well… if that’s the case… then… this will be the most exciting message you will ever read.

2 years ago, I lost the love of my life to premature ejaculation.

She didn’t die (of course not) but she left me simply because she was frustrated with my sex life. I couldn’t satisfy her all through our 1 year plus relationship.

I don’t blame her today because she did try her best to hang on.

I used to cum very quickly anytime I had sex, I’m someone that loves sex a lot but I’m always scared when it comes to the real game, more reasons I stay away from girls who like me and are even willing to have sex with me without collecting a dime.

But that was then, anyone that tries it now might not walk with her feet back home.

The premature ejaculation started when I was very young but I never knew the name, most people refer to men that cum quick as a 1 min man or indomie man.

Before the love of my life finally left me 2 years ago, I didn’t give up without a fight, I tried using natural herbs (agbo) but most of them I bought even at a huge amount, ended up being more of a kick and start kind of solution, if I didn’t drink it hours, days or weeks before sex, I would still cum quick, while some I had to drink an hour or two before sex.

This worked but it was just a temporal solution, it wasn’t permanent and I had to keep buying and buying and buying, I couldn’t just have random Sex if I didn’t prepare before hand (like it was food i was preparing)

And I later found out that herbs damages the kidney and liver.

Myself being a person that loves sex a lot, this cure wasn’t the ideal one for me.

Then I was introduced to sex pills by one online sex therapist which I took the advice and bought the pill, I can say that was one of the worse thing I used in my life

That one would work for good 3 days, sometimes more, I would have very strong erections, go as many rounds as I can and even when I’m tired, my dick would still be hard but the headache I felt was out of this world.

It was fun, my woman was enjoying it but I was suffering even the most because the headaches didn't wear off until after 3 days or more. Sometimes I would think my head would explode.

I thought I would endure the pain as the saying goes ‘no pain, no gain’ but I little research online made me rethink that decision, here was what I found out on Google

It was after I gave up on these and couldn’t keep up, I would run and give excuses when it comes to sex that the love of my life started noticing.

This is the interesting part…

A good Woman who even love you to the moon and back would leave if you can’t satisfy her in bed

The ones who don’t leave, overtime would have a side nigga that satisfies them.

Like I said earlier, that was then, i was able to realize the solution to permanently stop being a one min man, fucking any lady, anyhow I wanted and even last as long as I wanted without having to feel any pain or taking any kick and start.

So what exactly is the cause of Cumming quickly as a man?

You see, I’ve used all my spare time over the last 2 years since my break up to improve and refine only what works.

After all this research, I now know things about sex I’d never even guessed about. Here are some of the amazing discovery

Firstly I’ve learned over 99.9% of men stop learning about their own sexuality at about 19 years of age. This means most adults in spite of years of experience… have the same amount of sexual skill… as they did when they were teenagers

Secondly I’ve discovered the three things that causes most men who cum in less than1 min and they are

  • UTI: This is a type of Infection that makes dick over sensitive to touch which results in you cumming quickly, it’s not really common among men. A simple UTI lab test will tell you if you have it and you must treat this infection if you have it
  • Performance Anxiety: Performance anxiety happens when you are about to have sex, it’s that feeling of stress about your inability to please your partner and the thoughts of cumming quickly again. This anxiety will make you cum quick each time you experience it.
  • Irregular sex hormones: This is the number one reason why you are a 1 minute man. Your sex hormones (Testosterone, luteinizing hormones) are imbalanced or very low. This imbalance/low hormone levels are caused by general lifestyle choices… Around 70% of men suffer from Premature ejaculation because of this particular reason.

This is why no matter how many sex pills you use to last long in bed, you just won’t last long as soon as it wears off your body, this is why you need to keep drinking sexual herbal concoctions each time you want to have sex.

This is the main culprit as to why a lot of men find it hard to last in bed

Does that make sense ?

Thirdly I’ve discovered most men just never know enough about a woman’s sexuality… I’ve learned that only a small handful of men… who… have learned how to take sex to the highest level possible. Many of these men are medical doctors and serious researchers… but… they can only reveal their secrets to small “underground teaching” facilities.

One of which I was fortunate enough to attend over my years of research… Men who learn and apply these techniques to their own sex lives get… another… big and unexpected advantage. Namely

A New Feeling of solid confidence, peacefulness and sheer joy seems to come flooding into every other area of their lives!

Speaking of solid confidence… as a man would you forget to buy a condom when you have a pussy appointment?

Wouldn’t that be the first thing you check before she arrives?

To most men who aren’t armed with this technique in their arsenal would say “no show tonight”

Let me give you an example

I was caught in the same situation some months back, instead of saying no show, I swung into action and satisfied her sexually without even inserting my dick in her pussy.

How did I do this, I’ve learned more about a woman’s sexuality and my fingers alone could do the magic.

Here’s my chat with the lady afterwards

Finally I’ve discovered the solution to Performance anxiety which I mentioned earlier is nothing more than a 3 simple step ejaculation delay technique and you can delay your ejaculation for as long as you want in bed.

For the Irregular Sex Hormones, all you need is a boost to your sex hormones and just like magic, you’re back to being a real man and lasting longer in bed naturally without ever having to depend on sex pills ever again.

Let me explain

Your testosterone is the sex hormone that determines how long you last in bed.

If you have low testosterone levels, you will not last less in bed, if you have high testosterone levels, you’ll last longer in bed.

The truth is... You see as human beings, it is our animal nature to naturally be very highly sexed. In fact we are almost 12 times more sexual than the other mammals

Think about it: Chimpanzees, for example, only go into “heat” once a month. But as human beings, we are capable of enjoying a loving sexual relationship 24 hours a day.

No matter what we have been taught, all of us know… in our heart of hearts…

It Is our birthright to have good healthy long lasting sex in a good healthy relationship!

You also know if your sex life is miserable, everything else in your life can suffer horribly.

Fortunately, we are in the 2020’s, and finally we don’t have to apologize anymore for wanting better sex. But, what we most desperately need is information and advice… we can trust… to guide us through all the nonsense out there.

That’s why I have created an amazing guide revealing sex recipes and sexual secrets you could never find anywhere else.

This guide teaches you how to “jump start” your new sexual skills overnight … and …

There Are no excuses for the way it is presented

It is very explicit … and 100 times more detailed than anything you’ve ever seen. It contains 14 days of aphrodisiacs fruits and veggies you’ll blend together and drink which will cure premature ejaculation permanently.

You will not see any laboratory settings in this guide; what you get is… the real thing… healthy sexual recipe step by step instructions and real life technical sexual skills.

Here’s a taste of what this guide reveals:

  • The secret 14 days natural aphrodisiac recipes that will permanently cure premature ejaculation and make you fuck any woman for hours
  • How to permanently boost your testosterone levels naturally so you can last long in bed and cum whenever you want to (not when you feel like)
  • The “sex drive booster recipe” to EASILY increase your libido so you can have a strong desire for sex
  • How to instantly go from ‘1 Min Man’ to giving a mind-blowing hour-long sex tonight…
  • How to EASILY achieve and maintain a ‘rock hard’ erection anytime you want

You wouldn’t be the first I have shown the secret I’m about to reveal to you. I showed Oluwasegun who stopped talking to girls because he was unable to last long in bed.

After I showed him the secret and gave him step by step instructions.

This was what he said even before finishing all the secret recipe I gave him

  • The “14 days explosive secret” homemade recipe that will make you a live breathing sex machine permanently
  • How to start having explosive sex tonight… with the simple basics of world-class love making techniques
  • How to “set up” the perfect sexual encounter with your lover… every time.
  • The Number One Rule that must absolutely must be observed for women to have truly spectacular orgasm
  • The little known secret to retracting your ejaculation in bed so you can go as many rounds as you want without cumming
  • The single biggest sexual complaint women have about men
  • How and where to “touch” a woman to guarantee mind-altering sex! (This technique is so simple… and so little known… even 80% of all women don’t know about it.
  • Everything you could ever want to know about the “G-spot”
  • What women really want from a man (Nine out of ten men are absolutely shocked by this secret… because they didn’t have a clue)
  • How and where to “touch” a woman to guarantee mind-altering sex! (This technique is so simple… and so little known… even 80% of all women don’t know about it.

And that’s not all. This incredible guide will get you started on a sexual life so exciting it’s almost beyond description.

It will give you everything you need to become a master at creating explosive sex with your lover.

However this material is not for everyone. For one thing, the content of this guide was very expensive to put together, it contains the end result of more than 2 years of research… The guide is very detailed and contains step by step instructions..

If a little nudity and honest sex instructions will offend you… do not order this guide.

But if you are 18,18+ years of age and after reading this page, you still want to order this guide, then… I will insist you do so entirely at my risk.

That’s why my guide comes with a…

100% Money Back Guarantee

What I mean is if you order this detailed guide today, follow all the instructions contained in it, use it for the next 15 days straight and you aren’t completely satisfied by the results you get

Simply send me an email on emmanuel@proinfohub.com and I will refund you 100% of your money back.

No argument, no questions asked.

By the way, the guide is not all I will send to you…

You see, if you among the first 20 people to order today, I will also be sending you 



The Ultimate Step by Step Secret of How to get any woman laid in less than 14 days:

If you're thinking of using money to get a woman's attention, no matter how much you're willing to spend, there's always going to be that guy that will double it. It's a game among losers at the end of the day. Let the highest bidder win.

This guide will show you the secret to getting a woman’s attention, getting her laid and always coming to you for more sex as revealed by an ex-womanizer.

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The Ultimate penis enlargement secret blueprint:

This blueprint explains the never before told secret techniques to increasing your penis size naturally in 30 days(no drugs needed, no equipment)

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The everlasting delay ejaculation technique:

In this guide, you will discover 3 unusual techniques to delay your ejaculation even if you are at the verge of cumming.

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This guide explains step by step the 3 simple ways to make any woman have Intense & Addicting Full Body Orgasm:

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The content of this guide is responsible for this 

Insert Image

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In this guide, you will uncover dirty secrets from a Woman on how to attract, seduce and get any female you want

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Make Her Chase You

Your guide to creating a magnetic personality irresistible to any woman in any age group

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A progress tracking system:

This system consists of a various easy to use system to track your progress towards lasting longer in bed and also comes with a personalized email reminder of what recipe you should take and at the exact time to help you achieve your sex goal effortlessly.

Value = N15,000

Total value of additional materials: N100,000

But you get all these for free if you take action today.

Lastly you definitely have one last question which I would answer now

Like I said earlier, you have 2 questions, one which I have answered, the second obvious question you must have is.

How Much Does This Guide Cost?

I won't beat around the bush here...

I can easily charge N50k for this guide without feeling guilty because this is over 2 years of research.

Whether you get the guide or not, I have used the recipes to cure my premature ejaculation and weak erection issue, and so have other people who have gotten it.

But if you get this guide, your days of endless disappointments on your partner's face would be long gone.

Your days of not talking to hot women because of your sexual performance would be a thing of the past.

I'm charging N25k for this recipe guide.

However it’s the season of love so I’m spreading love, if you’re among the first 10 people to order right now, you get a 60% discount off in celebration of Valentine’s which is valid for the next 24 hours

Pay N10,000 instead of N25,000

By the way, I take only 20 clients each month, and this is because I want to personally see them through the process of taking the “14 days explosive” sex recipe I’ll give them to cure their premature ejaculation issue permanently.

And as it is, 10 people already got in this month so 10 more to go…

I cannot handle more than 20 people at once so immediately the remaining 10 people order.

So once all 10 slots are taken, once you click the payment button, what you will get is a simple message telling you, you waited too long and the offer is closed.

So don’t waste a single minute, get it now.

And lest I forget…

Here’s Kuyik also who noticed random erections when still using this secret recipe to cure his premature ejaculation problem 

Insert Image

Method of Payment

Before I tell you all the payment methods available, I’ll like to let you know once you click the button below, a short questionnaire will pop up (it’s very short), this is to let me know where you are in your sex life and where you intend to be so I can create a personalized recipe guide just for you.

After you complete the brief questionnaire, you will be taken to a secure payment page where you will be asked to fill in your details.

After which you will see the different payment options to pay via

  • Your ATM Card: With this option, you will input your ATM card details to complete the payment 

  • Pay With Bank: This option takes you to a secure login page of your bank internet banking where you login and make the payment 

  • Pay With Transfer: You will be given a dedicated account number to pay into, once you complete payment, click on the ‘I’ve completed payment’ button to complete your payment 

  • Pay With USSD: This option allows you to complete payment via your Bank USSD code.

  • Pay With Visa QR: This option allows you easily complete parent by scanning the QR code displayed.

I have shown you everything that is to having a long lasting sex life, I’ve thrown in some additional materials to effortlessly get you to attract and satisfy any woman in bed and make hot women chase you.

Now you’re faced with your own decision to take action now.

Once you take action now…

I want you to imagine… a picture of how your sex life would look 14 days from now, you will never have to worry about ejaculating under 1 min…

You will have girls begging to have Sex with you…

You will effortlessly make any girl squirt in your bed and your penis size would have increased.

Does that make sense ?

Or 14 days from now, you still have to worry about your sexual performance, lose the love of your life to a guy that’s not worth half of you.

The choice is yours, take action now.

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