There are two types of Men in bed

The quick Ejaculation excuse giver

The guy that fucks pussy very good & make her beg

Which one would you rather be?

The Truth is...

"You can cure your premature ejaculation issue permanently and start lasting long in bed naturally without doing any strenuous exercise, depending on Sex Enhancement Drugs or Herbs(Agbo) when you want to have sex ever again"


I know this because I have been in the same shoes as you are right now for years until I discovered this secret formula I’m about to reveal to you

Dear friend,

Which of these do you do:

Do you masturbate before you have sex so as to last longer?

Does your partner have to call you ahead of time for sex so you can take herbs (agbo) in advance?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of The questions above Then This Is The Your Last Stop to cure your quick ejaculation issues once and for all.

Just like you, I have endured this same condition for years, I even lost my loving girlfriend because of it.

I understand your struggle completely because I have been through it myself...

Let me share with you my story, how I used to struggle with this same issue

At first it started as quick ejaculation in first round only...

Then as a man, I will try to sweet talk her that she has the best pussy and she’s too sweet down there, then make up for it in the second round

Sometimes, it’ll be a different excuse like "I'm so stressed out today" sometimes I tell her that "I took too many sugary drinks"…

Just lame excuses here and there but it still doesn’t take off the disappointment in her eyes even though she tries to cover it with a smile.

But deep inside, I know it was all a lie, I was just looking for ways to feel less embarrassed.

Oftentimes, I’ll masturbate as soon as she calls me she’s coming over, just to last longer when we actually have sex.

After masturbating, the whole sex vibe is not always there like it should be if I didn't masturbate but I just didn't want to mess up again...

These strategies are temporary fixes to an ever-going problem

Is it the days, I’ll get myself drunk and high, just to last longer or the days I will have to take bitter herbs (agbo) an hour before knacking(having sex), would I say was a better option.

The final issue that made me start looking for a solution desperately was...


Before I could get back an erection for the second round, took more than an hour of she sucking, jacking me up…

This was one of the most embarrassing hour of my life.

It was then I discovered I wasn’t only suffering from Premature Ejaculation but also weak erection


There was no excuse on earth I could give this time, neither could she hide the disappointment on her face this time around, she just faced the other way and didn’t speak to me that night

Little did I know it would be the last time we knacked (had sex)

A woman can love you to the moon but if you are unable to last long on bed , she will replace you with a real man (Odogwu) that can.

2 weeks after that incident, she came plain to me that she had fallen out of love with me and now have someone else she’s with.  I cannot even imagine if we were to be married with 2 beautiful kids and this happened, it would be so devastating and I will prolly fall into depression

Words could not expressed how heartbroken I felt that moment. 

The thoughts of her in another man's arms alone pained me so much and I started looking for a solution more desperately...

If I can’t have her back, at least I won’t mess up my next relationship

As a single guy, quickies would show here and there from other ladies who have an eye for me, opportunities they say come once.

I had to improvise while still looking for a solution, I tried using:

TRAMADOL - It made me vomit and couldn’t sleep for more than 24 hours, I swear not to try it again.

VEGA 100 - It gave me hard erection for sex but I noticed that I‘ll lose my sex drive immediately after sex until after 3days.

VIRGOUR - It worked for an hour or so but the Headache I felt after the sex was unbearable, my head would swell like it was about to explode. I just couldn’t continue with it

KOLAQ ALAGBO - It worked but the problem is it only works when you take it which means that I have to take it every time before sex and I’m not really into alcohol so I see double after taking a bottle.

I'm not disputing the fact that these products deliver on their promise which is to help you last longer in bed temporarily. I realized these drugs are temporal fixes, not the permanent solution I was looking for, for what I was going through plus I was just killing myself as too much bitter herbs is bad for the liver

I depended on these drugs for a while till I couldn't just continue anymore because it took all the fun of having sex away.

I’m spending most of my time worried about lasting long, slowing my breath, thinking of something else while having sex, than I actually enjoy the sex

Luckily as I was still searching for a real permanent solution..

I stumbled upon an Ads on WhatsApp

Where a Sex Therapist was revealing how to have sex like a Real man without depending on herbs (Agbo) or any drug again...

I was skeptical at first as I could not just believe there was really something out there that could just cure premature ejaculation permanently just like that...

But a desperate man that I was. I was ready to do all it takes to end this problem once and for all...

So I ordered for the recipes, decided to try it out like he prescribed I do for 14 days straight, then to test it out, I called one of my side chicks, just to test it out

To my amazement, for the first time in like forever

I lasted over 30mins for the first round without cumming

I couldn’t believe my own eyes, whether the time was correct or it was speed up by someone.

I gained so much self confidence that I started bragging anywhere I could

Wouldn't you have done the same ?

I now even get free pussy referrals  by ladies I have fucked good

This is why I decided to reveal this cure to you

If you are still like me when I was a 1 minute man and drinking all kinds of herbs and drugs. Let me explain it to you:

there are 3 major things that are making you cum quick in bed

And once you tackle it from the root

You will start lasting naturally in bed like a real man (Odogwu)

I'm going to reveal to you these 3 things that is making you cum quick


How to Cure it Permanently

So you start fucking Naturally like a real Man without using any sex enhancement drugs ever again.


UTI (Urinary Tract Infection):

This is a type of Infection that makes dick over sensitive to touch which results in you cumming quick, it’s not really common among men.

A simple UTI lab test will tell you if you have it and you must treat this infection if you have it



This is one of the most common reason why you don't last in bed.

Performance anxiety happens when you are about to have sex, it’s that feeling of stress about your inability to please your partner and the thoughts of cumming quick again.

This anxiety will make you cum quick too but I’ll be showing you how to deal with it once and for all

All you need is a simple 3 step technique whenever you apply it when fucking which I call: The ejaculation delay technique

It calms you down and gets rid of Performance Anxiety once and for all

I only give this delay technique to my clients only but I’ll reveal it to you pretty soon



This is the number one reason why you are a 1 minute man.

Your sex hormones (Testosterone , luteinizing hormones) are imbalanced or very low

This imbalance/low hormones level are caused by general lifestyle choices

Around 70% of men suffering Premature ejaculation is because of this particular reason.


At this point, If you’re the kind of person that likes to experiment, trying different substance and techniques (I hope you don’t take any substance that will make it worse)….

If you’re the type of person that still loves the feeling of disappointment you see in your lover’s eyes, then you can just close this page now and go about your business

But if you’re the type of person that is tired of cumming quick all the time and you are ready to become a real man

Would you Oppose me handing over to you the formula that has worked for me and has made premature ejaculation a thing of the past for me ?

If you answered NO, then I want to introduce you to:

The Anti-1min Man Power is a special step by step PDF guide that shows you the secret combination of aphrodisiac fruits and veggies you need to blend together for 14days to cure your premature ejaculation and weak erection problem permanently once and for all.

Inside This Guide, You’ll Get:

Strong Man Erection Recipe:
This recipe makes you have super hard erection during sex, with this recipe, if you suffer weak erection, this recipe is the cure to it and it makes your erection so hard you feel like your dick size increased.

Sperm Booster Recipe:

This recipe helps your sperm to remain thick all the time so if you have watery sperm, then this is for you and makes it harder for you to cum quick.

Sex Drive Booster Recipe:

If you suffer from low libido and lose interest in sex or have a low sex drive, this recipe would help increase your sex drive.

You will also get access to these exclusive bonuses


Who taught you how to make a woman cum? My best guess is no one. That is what this guide is for. In this guide you will learn the step by step illustration on how to give oral sex (head) to any woman, make her orgasm (cum) all over your face and leave her addicted to you.

The value of this guide is N10,000


In this guide, you will discover how to identify and find her G-spot, the exact sex styles to do to hit her G-spot, stimulate it and make her cum leaving her with vibration all over her body.

The value of this guide is N5,000


This guide contains step by step illustrations and video on how to make any lady squirt, shake and scream in 3 simple steps.

The value of this guide is: N10,000

Total Worth Of Bonuses: N25,000

But you get them for free if you take action now.

There’s definitely just one last question on your mind which is

How much does this guide cost?

I won't beat around the bush here...

I can easily charge N50k for this guide without feeling guilty.

Whether you get the guide or not, I have used the recipes to cure my premature ejaculation and weak erection issue, so has other people who have gotten it.

But if you get this guide, your days of embarrassment and disappointments on your partners face would be long gone.

I'm charging N20k for this recipe guide.

However if you can assure me that you’ll be committed to using this recipe, I’ll give you for FREE right now

Also this offer cannot go round, so it’s limited to only the first 10 people who take action before the timer runs out


People tend to take free things for granted, so that’s why I’m attaching a commitment fee to be sure you’re serious about this.

What’s the Commitment fee?

The commitment fee is quite simple:

1.  You will help repost a short text on your WhatsApp status to help more men come in contact with this solution, gain confidence in bed, save their relationship and marriage.

Afterwards I’ll give you a list of the fruits and vegetables you’ll buy, if you can be committed to buy it in the next 24 hours, then you get the recipes for FREE to permanently cure your premature ejaculation issue.

The list of the fruits and vegetables you’ll be needing would be sent to you via Email and you’ll send video proof on WhatsApp that you have bought the fruits all in front of you before I give you the recipe.

If you will not complete the reposting and buying of the fruits and vegetables, it's best you leave this page now and not proceed reading further.

Sounds fair enough?

Important Notice!!!!

The recipes contained in this guide are not kick and start, the fruits and veggies you will be needing are NATURAL treatment which goes deep into treating the problem directly from the source which are your sex hormones , this is why it takes 14 days to use and complete this treatment.

Afterwards, you can go hit any pussy and rip it as a real man, last longer in bed, cum when you desire, enjoy sex and satisfy your woman.

Please note before you click the button below:

Due to the large number of people flooding my WhatsApp daily, you might be attended to first by my virtual assistant which will give you instructions on what to post on your WhatsApp status.

Afterwards, it will ask you some questions which will be processed in order to know the exact recipes to recommend to you.

Kindly follow the Instructions presented to you by my virtual assistant so as to quickly kickstart the process.

Also a lot of people are usually worried as to how much it will cost them to buy the fruits and vegetables which shouldn't even be a thought at all but depending on your area, all the fruits and vegetables costs within N5k to N6k.

Would you be against spending N5k to N6k to buy the fruits and veggies that will permanently cure your premature ejaculation problem and restore your confidence in bed?

If your answer is NO and you agree with all that is said above. Then proceed by clicking the button below..

PS: After the first 10 people, you can’t get it for FREE anymore, it will be back to its original price.


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