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This letter is lengthy, but something inside you will shift for good if you read till the end.

Dear Friend,
Thank you for choosing to connect with me.

This is a basic introduction because you don't know me and my aim is to build a sustainable relationship with you, help you grow, and most importantly help you make money legally.

My name is David Emmanuel, and as you read this letter, you will see reasons why connecting with me will be one of the best decisions you will make this year..

I'm a cool guy who makes a lot of money legally by selling stuff on the internet. What you must have been hearing gurus call internet marketing.

I am not a celebrity nor an influencer, I'm a guy who discovered that making money online could be done legally, and since then I leveraged on what I know to make myself money.

Permit me to share my story with you…

How I went from a broke IT student of Technical College in 2015, to an Internet business owner…

I started my pre-tertiary institution journey in 2013 where I studied computer science, so basically I was a student then, so in 2015, I was to go for my Industrial Attachment training where I am to learn anything and everything I can about computers in the span of 3 months but due to some circumstances (strike), it extended to 6months. 

I worked at Hard and Soft Computers at computer village, Ikeja, Lagos where I learned about the Engineering aspect of computers as well as the sales aspect of it…

Let me not bore you with these looooong stories, let’s skip to the money part…

As an IT student, I was never paid during my period because I was more like an Apprentice being taught for free, so that equals zero pay.

My to and fro movement from Iyana Ipaja to Ikeja to get to work everyday costs me money, from transport to feeding and all…

I had to find a way to make money, if not "e no go easy to finish at alllll!"

One weekend, I came across a #2,000 seminar on radio during this period, where I learned how to leverage on the Internet to make money online, as I heard *money*, I jumped on the offer, no time.

At the seminar, we learned about Binary trading, information marketing, blogging, HYIP, Bitcoin mining  etc…

I did make a few thousands...

But UNLUCKILY for me I lost all of the money.

After the seminar, I decided to do blogging alongside HYIP as taught in the class.

HYIP requires putting in money into high yield investment programs and getting massive ROIs in a short period of time, which I did.

I hustled for #10,000 to buy digital currency which was required to invest in these programs… I saw my money increasing and the yields growing but when it was time to take out my money and profit.

The company folded up…

I realized that doing these things are not a sustainable form of making money online and are all scams.

At this point I knew I had to learn how these gurus did make money online.

I realized, I paid for the seminar simply because I needed the information on how to make money online.

I had to advice myself

I told myself “omo if you want to make money online just as the guy who held that seminar did, I need to solve people’s problems, just as he solved my making money online problem"

Then I left all other things I learned in the seminar and started information marketing, I wrote my first ebook on how to mine bitcoin using your computer.

I went to fiverr and listed this product which I sold about 4 copies for 5$ each resulting in a $20 profit, minus fiverr commissions, I was left with $16 then.

How to withdraw the funds became a problem until I learned how to create a Nigerian PayPal account in 2020 that could send and receive funds to withdraw my earnings.

Since then…

I have created various information products

I have learned and offered graphic design services 

I have learned how to trade crypto

I now run a cryptocurrency exchange service called (Emmyhcoin) where people exchange their cryptocurrencies for fiat (naira) at the highest market rates.

I also run a coaching business where I teach entrepreneurs how to make money online by leveraging on the internet to grow their businesses.

I have been privileged to be taught by the best internet marketers and crypto tutors in Nigeria, the likes of Toyin Omotosho, Investor Nnkay, Patrick Ogidi, Investor Awesome…

Long story cut short, I have made huge sums of money from the internet and I'm on a mission to help a lot of people, especially young Nigerians make money legally.

One thing that helped me get started on this journey was knowledge. I attended an almost free seminar where they taught us how to make money online, and then I implemented what I learnt. 

I also got a lot of free advice and tips from my mentors.

More reasons I want to give back.

I want to help a lot of people by sharing my knowledge with them for free.

I am doing this because I can picture myself in 2015 and I realized I would still be struggling by now if I didn't get help. 

I believe there are a lot of promising people like me, who will succeed and make a lot of money if they implement what I share with them, and if this is you…

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