Attention: Digital Marketers, Digital Product Sellers & Affiliate Marketers, Infopreneurs...

Give Me 1 minute and I will tell you 4 things about you right now

  • You sell digital products (ebooks, webinars, trainings, courses…) via WhatsApp/Instagram
  • You have a freebie [free ebook, free training, free template, free consultation] which you use to generate leads to your Sales channel [WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc]
  • You want to automate your process of lead acquisition but don't have a large budget to spend
  • You have no Email list because of the monthly charges Email autoresponders charge

If this is you, then you definitely want to:

Learn How To Automate The Delivery Of Your Freebie/Lead Magnet & Grow An Email List Of Buyers Without Paying For Email Autoresponder Even If You Don't Have A Website Using Only Your Smartphone

Dear Friend,

Before I go into details of this, you should not this isn’t for you if you don’t have a lead magnet/freebie which you can deliver digitally, if you don’t know how to create lead magnets that grabs your ideal customers by the neck to come into your business, you can click the button below:


I hear a lot of people say automation won’t work for them because it costs a lot of money to set up but this is not entirely true, in fact I’ll show you how to do automate the delivery of your freebie and build an email list for free if you read to the end


More Work On Less Productive Activity

Also I know you have powerful lead magnet(s), you put in a lot of work to attract traffic to take stick to you by requesting for your lead magnet but after all this work, you’ve only just created more work for yourself which is sending this freebie manually to each person which is so tiring and very frustrating.

Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

While that time could be spent on more income generating productive activity.

In my 3 years + of  selling digital products, I know your time should be invested in tasks that directly increase your income, I also know you should have a system that acquires clients for you without your involvement​

All you should be busy with is closing sales and making more money while your product solves your customers/clients, isn’t that why you’re selling digital products in the first place, to solve problems?

So Why Must It Be So Stressful To Acquire Leads/Clients/Customers??

The gurus would say your sales process for your digital products should be fun and shouldn’t require your involvement, they are not wrong, selling digital products should actually be easy if you can set up systems.

What if you could deliver your freebie regardless of being online or not even if it’s 3AM in the middle of the night rather than directing traffic to your WhatsApp, then sending it to each person manually.

Would It Make Things Easier For You?


Your freebie could be sent automatically to your target audience email address and also get them into your sales channel (WhatsApp, Instagram...)

You get to build two list at the same time, your Email list + WhatsApp list


Why Should I Even Care About Building an Email list?

Good Question!!

This is the safest list you can keep and carry around, store easily and can utilize at anytime but here are some reasons you should grow an e-mail list

1. Social media can be hacked, banned or disabled

2. Email list can be imported from one place to another and kept securely by you.

3. An email list of buyers/ prospects makes it easier to get more lookalike customers from social media Ads (the algorithm knows its work) rather than randomly searching for new leads to sell to.

What Does Google Say About An Email List?

A few months back, I was like you, I had taken my time and effort to pour out my mind and expertise in sales and marketing into writing (an ebook) which took me a few days to complete my 23 page ebook, while my sales channels were Instagram & WhatsApp.

Now it was time to acquire the leads, I’ve gotten myself an entirely new job of sending it manually via WhatsApp, it was when I had 300+ leads flood in my DM in under 3 minutes I knew I needed to automate the process.

Just like everyone else, I started researching how to do this but ended up with the same thing everyone finds.

I’ll have to buy a domain for about $13 ( N5,500) yearly

I’ll pay for hosting which is about $50 (N20,750) yearly


I’ll need to pay for email autoresponder between $7 - $25 (N3,850 - N13,750) MONTHLY

That's  N46,200 to N165,000 yearly on Email Autoresponder

On top freebie???


It was almost impossible to create the page on my smartphone, I’ll need a laptop to set it up, even if I had the money, my laptop was so faulty at this point.

In my course of sending manually, I wasn’t able to do a lot of productive activity, at some point, I just had to stop putting out my lead magnet, I had to stop getting new leads, to find a totally different solution to giving out my freebies.

It took me months of research, trial and errors, I was almost giving up on the possibility there is any free automated method I could use to deliver my freebie and grow my Email list before I finally found it, that’s what I created:


This is a video course where I explained the step-by-step process I took to create this landing page and opt in form under 10 mins using ONLY my smartphone even without having a website.

This is a video example Of The Landing Page and Optin Form

In this landing page & freebie automation mini course, you will learn:


How to create professional looking landing page(s) and opt in form(s) to grow your Email & WhatsApp list without paying for any email autoresponder AND in less than 10 mins USING only your Smartphone (No laptop needed)


You’ll learn how to send your lead magnet(s) / freebie(s) without ever having to deliver it manually ever again even at 3AM in the midnight


You’ll be learn how to grow your Email subscriber list with active buyers, redirect traffic to your Sales channel  (WhatsApp/Instagram) effortlessly to sell more of your offers via Email without paying for any email autoresponder even if you don't have a website


You’ll learn to send automated follow up email messages and create email sequences to sell your digital product(s) without having to be online AND without having to run Ads.


You’ll learn to write simple landing page copy you will use to repel the wrong prospects & grow your list (Email & WhatsApp) with ONLY high quality prospects who are interested in your product/offers.

That's Not All, There's Still More

Before I Show You The More...

While I Was Doing Some Research, Google Showed Me This:

This means you can charge from $1000 - $1500 people to set up a landing page for them

So To The Extras!!!!

You’ll Also Get These EXTRAS:

Extra 1: Customer avatar worksheet - $13 (N5,500)

This is a material I put together that helps you pinpoint who exactly is your target customer. When you know who they are, it becomes easier to attract them, and sell your digital products, speaking directly to their pain point.

Extra 2: The $1 FB Ads cheat strategy (video Training) - $26 (N11,000)

You’ll discover the rookie mistakes you make when generating traffic from via Facebook Ads that gets you zero to little traffic  + how to correct it, also you’ll learn how to grow your attract ONLY potential buyers to your list by spending just $1 daily on Ads.

Extra 3: Smart One page website to promote your other offers (video Training) - $13 (N5,500)

 Selling massive digital products is dependent on being able to communicate your offer to thousands of buyers at once, this is where this website comes in, to effectively help you communicate your offers to thousands of buyers even while you are offline

Extra 4: The Copywriter’s Cheat sheet to writing high converting sales copy under 60 mins (audio course + ebook) - $19 (N8,250)

Selling digital products is easiest when you can communicate your offer effectively by hitting the buyers pain point exactly where it hurts and offering your solution, leaving them with no other option than to buy from you INSTANTLY.

Extra 5: 12 free traffic sources to get high quality Clients - $13 (N5,500)

The soul of any business is traffic (people), the more people you can drive into your business, the more money you make but instead of paying for Ads to get people to see your business, I would rather show you where you can find high quality clients/buyers them for FREE on the Internet (you don’t have to always pay Mark Zuckerberg…)

Total Value Of All Extras: $81 (N33,750)


What’s The Investment?

I won’t beat around the bush and tell you lies or play some price trick on you as I have already shown you how much it cost to set this up.

You have two obvious options:

1. You can go all the way to buy a domain name for $10 (N5,000) pay for hosting $50 (N27,500)  yearly and get an email autoresponder at a monthly fee of $10 (N5,000) which would result in a total of $120 (N66,000) yearly.

If you are not a website designer, after all these fees, you’ll still struggle and end up frustrated to design the pages, you would even need a website designer to help you set it up.

Anyways if you’re looking to go for this option, you can contact me via WhatsApp and I would gladly offer you my web design service to design ONLY A single landing page & set up your opt in form to deliver your freebie for just $50 (N27,500)

That will be a grand total of $65 (N33,750) + $$ monthly


I could show you in less than 10 minutes how to set up a professional looking landing page + opt in form that will deliver your freebies & how to grow your email list even if you don’t have a website & without paying all these fees using ONLY YOUR SMARTPHONE.

You get all this + BONUSES for an investment fee of just $39 (N16,500)

However you can still get in now on pre-order for just $12 (N5,000) before it launches, that’s over 75% discount off if you take action now.

But as you know discounted prices cannot go round to everyone, so the pre-order is limited to only the first 15 people who take action fast, also the price would keep going up as the timer expires until launch date then prices stay fixed at $39 (N16,500)


You're Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Nobody likes to spend money without getting proportionate value in return so for this reason, if you implement to the letter all I will show you in the step by step video and you’re still unable to set up your professional looking landing page + opt in form to deliver your freebie on automation , then do contact me via email on info@proinfohub.com for a full refund within 14 days of accessing the videos. 

How do you feel when you see an Ads of a great free training/ebook that sparks your interest, then before even getting it, you have to fill in your details in a beautiful looking landing page…

You feel such a person must be a professional right?

Digital marketing should be fun and require little to zero time from you if only you take advantage of AUTOMATION, your whole client/customer acquisition or lead generation should be on autopilot, even selling your offers.

How long would you have to always be online to sell your digital products ?

How much more data must you burn before making money from your digital products even while you sleep?

I have given you a mouth watering offer, including bonuses worth over $500 (N200,000) and also give you a satisfactory money back guarantee.

If you decide to be a fast action taker now then you’ll never have to worry about manually sending your freebies ever again, you’ll never have to rely on just one list online but two (Email + WhatsApp list)

While if you don’t decide now:

Take a look into 6 months from now,, nothing will change and by then you’ll still have to pay more.

  • You would keep delivering your lead magnet manually
  • You would not build an Email list and sell more of your offers without having to be online.
  • You would still struggle to automate your customer acquisition & conversion process

If your main sales channel is WhatsApp, Mark would someday frustrate you when you have too many contacts & your WhatsApp could hang.

If you happen to be one of those who skip to the end…

Here’s a Recap Of All You’re Getting:

I have offered you the landing page & freebie automation mini course which would help you set up a professional looking landing page that delivers your freebie on automation and grow your email subscriber list.

I have also added 5 AMAZING EXTRAS worth $65 (N33,750) which will help you identify your ideal customer, generate high quality clients via Facebook Ads for $1, the smart sales page to sell your offers for free (no domain, no hosting), the 60mins sales copy hack & free high quality clients traffic sources.


I have also added a 14 days moneyback guarantee if you are unable to set this up as I have instructed in the video trainings

You get all these on pre-order for a one time investment of just $12 (N5,000).

You like the sound of that, right?

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