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How To Grow Your WhatsApp List From 0 to 1000 READY-TO-BUY Audience & Convert Them Into Paying Customers Using WhatsApp Sales Funnel.

Oct 24, 2021 | 3 mins read

Dear friend,

This letter is not a lengthy one but a short, detailed and straight to the point.

What I am about to reveal to you is not some BS talk or some crappy lie but the exact template I used in generating ready-to-buy audience for my digital products.

As an internet marketer, the money in your business is in the number of digital products you can sell, facts is you can make so much money selling digital products

BUT when you don’t make sales even after paying & trying different lead generation method that doesn’t work, frustration now sets in and you feel online business no be for you.

When the struggle to make a single sale of your products is greater than the price of the product, you just want to give up & move on.

Plus you are busy and don’t have a lot of time to test & test, you gaz survive one way or the other

You are tired of wasting money on Ads that don’t even convert into profit

You should Rejoice for the solution has come to you OR you’ve come to it, anyhow e be…

Are these what you want?

To feel fulfilled and make money from your digital products to cater for your needs and do other stuff?

You want to boost your self confidence and show you can really make money off your digital products?

You also want to build a fan base of people who would keep buying your products for a very long time

Are these some things you want to achieve?

If YES, then make sure to read to the end

But before I proceed to show you this secrets, so in order not to waste your time and mine, you should know

This is for you if 

  • You are an internet marketer, digital product creator, an information marketer, affiliate marketer who struggle to sell digital products online.
  • You want to grow your business & get recurring customers to buy your products (digital or physical).

So if you fall under the above category then CONGRATULATIONS to you.

You should also know

This is NOT For You If

  • You don’t have any product to sell (digital or physical).
  • If you want a magic wand to get 1000 people in 2 mins.

If you fall under those two categories category, kindly don’t bother wasting your time, just leave this page now.
This is not some magic show, you can do well and close this tab right now and go watch a magic show elsewhere.

In case you haven’t figured out, I’m not a robot, I’m also a human being like you so let me quickly tell you a little about me

I have been in the online space as far back as 2016, I didn’t really know much back then, but I created my first digital product ever was an ebook on Bitcoin mining back in 2018 which I sold only 4 copies on Fiverr before I took it down as the mining wasn’t working anymore. Make fiverr no go pursue me. lol

But long story short, I learned information marketing properly around January 2020, my hopes were flying through the roof as I was implementing all I have learned.

I started looking for problems here and there and also created solutions to these problems which I packaged as an ebook (pdf file). I did this for the first quarter of 2020 before & inside the lockdown

Now everything don set, freebie don dey, sales page done. The stress I passed through to put these things together no be for here but as planned, it’s time to sell.

I run Facebook Ads, paid for email auto responder to send out the freebie along with my products but all I ended up with was a google drive filled with solutions to people’s problems packed in an ebook with no one buying.

This frustration for weeks of just burning money on Ads and email autoresponders without any sales just made me lose interest so I gave up feeling like a failure.

Fast forward to 2021, over 9 months gone…

The information marketing that frustrated me was what was making people millions of naira on WhatsApp... the thing shock me o….

Thes are just a few screenshots of the paid classes I attended in my journey to find out what they did differently that I didn’t 

I particularly took interest in these two people on WhatsApp, that is Joseph Don & Dayo Oladiran.

I invested my time in attending their FREE classes on Sales, Marketing & Money, I spent over #40,000 in getting knowledge through their premium classes just to find out the secret to their sales.

The BreakThrough I Needed

I learned from Joseph Don the secret to selling anything online is people buy from who they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.

While Dayo Oladiran also acknowledged this fact and added people buy products for the benefits they get, not the features.

It took me time to understand the message here which is what every successful internet marketer ever have in common which is a LIST ( a large amount of people)

All I had was product, products, products, I didn’t have people who know, like and trust me & most importantly are interested in what I have to offer them.

After failing at selling a single information product. the secret from over 9 months of research, sleepless nights, testing, errors was what birth my secret lead generation strategy.

Now, I don’t even go out to look for buyers, I just throw my hook into the ocean and attract as many right audience as I want for my business, without even paying for Ads ( I could say I now cheat Ads… lol)


What Will You Be Learning?

The practical step by step guide on how to generate 1000 ready-to-buy audience without spending a penny on Ads using a secret formular I call The Virus Formula.

Just like a Virus finds a way to replicate itself, so does this lead generation always replicate and bring in more and more ready-to-buy audience to your business everyday, all you have to do is use this formular and put out the virus then it continues spreading itself.

Also you should know by now, leads are not going to generate you money if you don’t have system in place which is why it also includes these 


Bonus 1
How to convert  leads into paying customers - Value: 20k
You also don’t want these paying customers to stop buying from you so you’ll also learn 

Bonus 2
The 6 unique blueprint guide to turning paying customers into recurring customers using a WhatsApp Sales Funnel without paying for any software or application - Value - 25k

You can have 1 million people on your list but if you don’t position your products very well, you will not sell so alongside this Masterclass, you get 

Bonus 3
You also get a step by step walkthrough where I take you by the hand on how to turn your products into irresistible offers that makes your customers think “I must be a fool to let this pass me by” and handover their money to you along with a Thank You Note. - Value - 15k

You will also discover the hidden secrets sales expert like Dan Lok, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson and others uses to generate leads, nurture and sell like crazy

Bonus 4
You’ll have access to the number 1 international bestseller sales book SELL LIKE CRAZY where you will discover how to get as many clients, customers & Sales as you can possibly handle written by Sabri Suby. - Value - 5k

Bonus 5
How to create an ebook in 3 minutes from your smartphone without having to type a single word. -Value - 3k

Bonus 6
How to run profitable Facebook & Instagram Ads to increase your sales without ever targeting the wrong audience - Value - 40k

Bonus 7
Access To My Exclusive broadcast list where I occasionally teach you first hand practical information about Sales, Marketing and Money making opportunities - Value - 10k​​​

As you can see, these bonuses alone are standalone classes which is valued at a....

Total value of bonuses: N113,000

but you get it all for FREE if you grab the WhatsApp Lead Generation Masterclass today.


You should firstly have it at the back of your mind, that any amount of money spent in growing your business & increasing sales is an Investment and Investments comes back with ROI (Return On Investment) which puts money back in your pocket.

On a regular day, I can decide to charge #10,000 for only this Masterclass without the bonuses.

…but I won’t be doing that to you because I sincerely wouldn’t like to see anyone get frustrated and struggle like I did in 2020, also I want to see you grow and be profitable in your business, I would be of zero value to you if i can't get you results and also I wouldn't want to start our friendship off a bad record so this is what I can offer you

To get access to this Masterclass, you get a 71% discount off the original price so that means, instead of paying #10,000 for this training, you get to pay an investment fee of only #2,997 for it.

Before you jump on this offer, you should know this isn’t some BS offer where you want to see result without effort, if that is you, then just close this page right now.

But if you know you are capable of handling a lot of contacts coming in your DM per seconds after implementing the Virus formular, then you should take this offer right away.

The investment fee of this offer is less than the amount it cost to buy a Jean.

This Masterclass would be holding on WhatsApp with a detailed step by step explanation with images, videos and text to guide you through.

But Sadly...

This offer cannot be up for everyone, I’ll be taking only 10 people on the basis of first come, first serve.

Reason Being…

I'm taking in just 10 people so as to walk them through the process till they achieve the results I promise.

You should also know, your investment is never going down the drain so here’s my

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

I can guarnatee you this, if after the class, you are unable to drive in ready-to-buy audience into your business after following all my instructions and putting in the work then you get a full refund of your money with a letter of apology from me.

Would you guarantee me you will put in the work to get these results?

30 Days


So if you find this offer valuable and worth it, you should Go ahead And Click The Button Below

So Here Are Your Options

At this point you already know what you stand to gain in this offer and how beneficial it is to you


If you don’t take action now, nothing will change, you will continue struggling to sell your products

You would keep looking for the next free class, pay for other classes that wouldn’t help you out...

You would still squander money on Ads that will not convert into actual sales...

You will still not get the list you have been thinking to build all these while...

You will keep trying out crappy and stressful lead generation techniques that doesn’t work...

Once again, here’s another opportunity to turn the tables around for your online business and begin to sell out and make money off your effort and work of creating digital products.



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