Important-- If you leverage on social media to sell your physical products online

Discover How To SELL MORE Of Your Physical Products Even While You’re Offline & Asleep

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This letter is not a long one but a very short one, if you are a fast reader, you will be done in 3 mins while the slowest reader would read all in 5 mins... 

So as a business owner who sells online, maybe via WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc, for you to make sales, you need to show up and post your product every single day, right?

You also have to reply to each customer both the ones who are only making enquiry, needing more information about a product and the ones who wants to buy.

You’ll also have to sort out the orders and deliver the products to each customer that buys.

This alone is so tiring, if you’re the type that likes to keep record of the number of sales made, profit and all to determine the growth of your business, then this is surely extra work.

So doing this day in, day out is how you stay in business everyday and that’s how you remain a CEO.

If you’re the type that posts a lot, then you post nothing less than 10 products and videos every single day.

This everyday posting cost you data everyday and we all know data is quite expensive, that’s even if it lasts.

The average Nigerian smartphone owner spends at least N1,500 weekly on data, so that’s N6,000 monthly.

That’s not the typical amount for everyone, you could spend more depending on what you do online.

Would that ease you some stress?

If your answer is NO, then just stop reading and close this tab right now but if you answered YES then you want to checkout the next 3 paragraphs.

If you’re familiar with Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad then you’ll know his definition of a business owner is someone whose business would run smoothly with or without their presence.

If you decided today to go on a 6 months vacation, would your business survive ?

If your answer this time is NO then you definitely need an online store that runs and sells your product with or without your presence.


In this guide, you will be learning how to set up a fully functional online store like this

Here’s all the stress your online store would take off your neck:

⭐️ It will notify you & your customers when you are out of stuck of any product

⭐️ It will help you keep records of all completed orders, pending orders & sales made without your involvement.

⭐️ It will make it easier for your customers to order and buy from you 24/7 even while you are asleep

⭐️ It will enable you sell to anyone within Nigeria and receive payment securely online through bank transfer, ATM cards and USSD code on your store without your involvement.

⭐️ It will help you easily sell to people abroad from your store and receive payment via PayPal.

⭐️ You’ll be able to install and track your customers via Facebook pixel if you run sponsored Ads to get customers

⭐️ It will retain every customer contact information and redirect them to your WhatsApp after purchase or to complete purchase

⭐️ Your store can process 1000 orders at once for you without a single stress coming to you.

⭐️ It will automatically add and calculate delivery/shipping fees on customers checkout without you lifting a finger.

⭐️Each product would include description, sizes, colors so you don’t have to stress yourself sending info to each customer.

& lots more

With a standard online store, you get to even sell more of your product from impulse buyers.

You know that feeling when you want to buy just one thing but end up buying 5, that’s to your advantage as a business owner, so it’s a win win for both you and your customers.

This means your customers could end up buying more than one product from your store when faced with so many options at a time.

You sell more, they buy more conveniently.

So instead of posting your products everyday, you promote your store instead, make sales, spend less on data and even upgrade your business to look more professional.

Most strangers would even trust you more when they see you have an online store that even has your brand name on it. [yourstorename.com]

Originally, according to google:

So ideally it would cost about N75,000 if you were to pay for the service of a web designer to code and program an online store for your business.

With the current condition in Nigeria, a lot of small business owners cannot afford this, that’s why you still have to do all the hard work of showing up every single day to run your business.

Alternatively if you would ask me to help you build a standard e-commerce store as shown in the video, I’ll charge nothing less than N50,000…

Here’s the disadvantage to paying me to set this up, each time you want to update anything on your store, like take out a product, add a new product and all, you’ll have to pay me.

But that’s not what I’m doing for you here…

I also understand you might not be so techie and might not know anything about coding [you don’t even need that]

So that is why I have included in this guide a detailed step by step video training where I take you by the hand on how you can set this up without writing a single line of code even if you’re not techie using only your Smartphone

Even someone with half a brain can set this up under 10 mins if you can just watch and follow the step by step instructions I explained in the video.

So instead of charging you N75,000 or N50,000, If I asked you to pay even 10% of 75,000 which is N7,500 to learn how to set this up on your own using just your Smartphone and without writing a single line of code.

It will still be a steal for you.

However I won’t even be charging you N7,500 nor N5,000.

Just so you know, this is a limited offer and as you can see, 8 people already paid for this

To get this detailed training on how to set this up by yourself right now, in order to consider you're serious about  moving your business to the next stage, normally others who were lucky got in by paying a commitment fee of just N2,000 to take advantage of this first movers commitment fee.

However this is a special page for you so like I promised, you'll be getting the training for FREE but this isn't opened to everyone, it's on a first come, first serve basis so I'll be opening the training to the first 20 people.

All you have to do to get in for FREE is to simply click the button below and when you get to the payment page, simply use this coupon code "oes"

So as to deliver you this video training instantly, I have put it in an ebook format where I included links to each video training.

This coupon Code cannot actually go round, it’s on a first come, first serve basis which expires As soon as the first 20 people use it

You can either keep spending more money on data posting everyday, spend all of your time engrossed in your business, without having any personal time for yourself


Set up your business to sell and work on its own regardless of your online presence

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