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 How the Internet Wants to Pay Your Bills For Doing Almost Nothing


Yeah, absolutely! You read that damn correct, the Internet has always wanted to pay everyone regardless of your educational status, your social status, (it doesn’t really matter who you are).




Since the inception of the Internet, it has always wanted to pay you but in the next few minutes, you’ll discover exactly how….




When most people think of the Internet, the first thing that comes to mind is social media (TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp etc) but that’s just a little portion of the Internet but what most people don’t think of is that the Internet is always alive, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless if you’re connected or not so


What Does That Tell You?


Simple, the Internet wants you to milk it and make a lot of money without doing almost nothing.


Milking The Internet Of $$$

The Internet has been in existence since 1983 (39 years ago) and according to Statista.com:


What does this statistics have to do with you making money or getting paid via the Internet?


The Internet + Systems= $$$$


Let’s quickly take a real life example here, just as a person needs to set up a business offline, what the Internet has done is give everyone a platform to set up business(es) online just once and you keep rolling in passive income then it’s up to you, if you wished to scale and make more money from your system.


However if you keep reading, you would have a clear picture as to what kind of business(es) exactly you should set up for yourself today.



Take a look at Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, one of the richest men in the world who started piling his wealth from the Internet and still makes millions of dollars till to day.

Systems Rule The Internet 

 What Jeff Bezos did was simple. He built a SYSTEM (Amazon) where he connects buyer and sellers of physical and digital goods/product worldwide and keeps his commission on each sale made, it’s that simple, same SYSTEM is what Jumia and Konga does in Nigeria (the owners never have to work for money ever again)


I’m Not So Smart…. So What?


I know the obvious thought going through your mind is the cost to start and build such a giant SYSTEM not to talk of how you’ll survive competing with these giants but worry no more, as I’ll be showing you 3 SYSTEMS you can building without spending a penny:


1. E-commerce or Selling Physical Product: When most people hear this, especially Nigerians, the next thing that comes to mind is “I’ll start posting on WhatsApp”. However that is totally understandable as most “WhatsApp CEOs” in the physical product business don’t think outside the box.


It’s also fine to start on WhatsApp then transition into building a SYSTEM (an e-commerce website) just like Amazon, Jumia, Konga etc to sell and make you money while you do nothing.


If you stick around till the end, somewhere in this article, I’ll be showing you how you can start selling physical products in Nigeria even if you don’t have a penny to start using OPM (Other People’s Money) and make x5 profit… just stick around 



If you already sell physical products and want to scale up, today’s your lucky day, if you’d like to learn how to create a standard e-commerce store for your business using just your smartphone for FREE

 The Internet + Systems= $$$$


Let’s move on to the next on the list then


2. Performance Marketing or Affiliate Marketing : This business model is very simple, all it entails is you help other people sell their products (physical or digital) and in return, you get a commission on each sale.


However the easiest products to deliver via the internet and get good commissions off are digital products.


For example: Let’s say Solomon has a training program on how to make N500k monthly creating websites which he sells for N20,000 and offers 50% commission to affiliates.


All you have to do is to find someone/people who want to make N500k monthly as a web designer, then you simply RECOMMEND Solomon’s training to the person/people then on each sale that comes through you, you make N10,000 per person.


So let’s say you are able to recommend to 50 people in a month and you get just 5 people to buy, you make N10,000 x5 = N50,000 by simply RECOMMENDING Solomon’s trading program 


In simpler words, you need to hawk Solomon’s product around the Internet.


Some Nigerians have abused this business model on social media to make it look like a Ponzi scheme where you bring one person to bring two people nonsense


But in reality, it’s a SYSTEM you can set up once and make thousands and million monthly.



As you can see for yourself, she’s a Nigerian, a student for that matter affected  by ASUU strike but she topped up her income already just by RECOMMENDING other people’s product to interested people.

PS: There’s no limitation as to how many products you can recommend and get commissions from.


 Affiliate Marketing does not require you to sell but rather to RECOMMEND.


 Talk is cheap, I know… make sure you read to the end of this article as I’ll be revealing to you hidden secrets and strategies a 6 figure affiliate marketer here in Nigeria use to make millions monthly and consistently

3. YouTube: Just like every other social media platform but its creators are not greedy, they actually want to pay you for making videos.


You might be thinking, how’s this possible and why would YouTube want to pay you for making videos on their platform ?


See what Google has to say:

If you still think you cannot make money off YouTube, you need to see this see this news from Forbes:

YouTube paid a 9 year old kid $29.5 million for making videos reviewing toys.


Your blood’s boiling abi….. calm down fess


What you need to do is quite simple, start uploading videos on YouTube daily on any topic of your choice, however I won’t sweet talk you, it wouldn’t be easy to get to 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours which is YouTube requirement before you can start getting paid…



All three SYSTEMS I mentioned, you can venture out on your own, start researching, doing trial and error and waste so much time and energy in the process or you could take the faster route to all three SYSTEMS I mentioned 


 Follow Who Know Road  

Now that you can see the Internet actually wants to pay you for doing almost nothing if only you can put in a little sweat equity (time) to build a SYSTEM around one or all of these platforms I have just shown you.



Talking about ‘following who know road’ and making money off the Internet legitimately, who else is best to hold you by the hands, if not people who have tread the path and has been consistently making money off the Internet for years with results to show for it and that person is no other than the founder and CEO of Kaizen Academy (an online skill education platform) who is no other than Joseph Don


Joseph Don

Joseph Don

Joseph Don is a guy who went from being a broke intern at NNPC in 2016 to becoming a 7 figure business owner. He started with drop shipping laptops, importing fashion items and gadgets from China, offered graphic design as a service online, trade crypto and forex, and now runs an online education company and is a published author of more than 3 life changing sales book all in the span of 5 years.

JD has since then helped aover 1000 youths in Nigeria to make money online legitimately

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Opportunities they say comes but once, I hope you utilize this one well.


Cheers to your success, 




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