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An open invitation to anyone who Wants To trade gift cards and crypto directly with a reliable vendor and wants to cut off all middlemen...

Dear trader,

If you read this letter till the end, I will reveal to you how to trade your digital assets (cryptocurrencies and gift cards) at the highest market rate and without ever getting scammed.

In the 2021, a year that started with great promise for me. I had been trading digital assets since 2018 and was doing quite well for myself. But then something shocking happened that changed everything - I lost my life's savings.

I was always looking for ways to expand my reach and attract more customers. And so, I got in contact with some foreigners who were into buying digital assets. It was a risky move, but I thought I had done my due diligence and was dealing with the right people

One of the foreigners I spoke to stood out, and we became friends. We started transacting, and he always gave me good rates. I trusted him implicitly. But then, on the 24th of November, everything changed.

I had bought over $5,208 worth of BTC, which I needed to sell off quickly. I contacted my foreign friend, hoping he would buy it from me, but he said he wasn't buying at the moment. And that's when greed kicked in.

Instead of refunding my customers' BTC and playing it safe, I decided to use a different foreigner who offered me an unbelievable rate. It was too good to be true, and it was.

I sent the crypto, and I never got paid. It was a devastating blow, and I lost everything. I had to sell off all my reserves just to pay off everyone who sold to me. I needed to protect my name at all costs. It wasn't my customers' fault that I got ripped off.

I felt like a failure, like my life ended. Losing my life's savings in a matter of minutes was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I had worked so hard to get to where I was, and it was all gone in an instant. I felt angry, sad, and betrayed.

But I had to pick myself up and keep going. I knew I had to start all over again, and it was going to be a long and difficult road. But I wasn't going to let this setback define me. I was determined to come back stronger than ever before.

This was what led to writing the guide which should be on its way to your email very soon

In my effort to ensure nobody ever have to go through what I went through from the hands of rippers, I also took it a step further to make trading digital asset safe and secure for anyone who wants to

And in my journey of creating a secure and safe exchange environment, I have made it possible for a lot of people to never have to go through what I went through

Out of the many people whom have enjoyed trading in this secure environment is a Nigerian Barrister who has always been skeptical about trading her coins with vendors online and here’s what she has to say

Also here’s also Investor Nnkay, the CEO of The Palm Academy and a professional crypto trader 

Investor Nnkay has known me since 2019, she has also enjoyed this secure environment and here’s what she has to say

Then there’s Socrates who made his first million trading on this secure exchange environment I created

Askeer here was introduced to this platform by his friend and after a few months of trading said this:

After going through the depressing and devastating times of being ripped off my life savings, I decided to never allow anyone go through the same experience ever that is one of the reasons why I created:


which is a leading digital asset exchange company that offers a vast range of possibilities with cryptocurrencies and delivers the best exchange rates with lighting-fast transactions.

Aside enjoying the best market rates and 24/7 availability, you also get these benefits:

  • Free Data every week when you trade at least $200 worth of gift cards with us OR at least $500 worth of crypto with us 
  • Free 3 months Premium US Apple Music on your first trade with us (worth $14.97 OR N11,200)
  • Free 4 months 50GB Apple iCloud storage us (worth N6,000)
  • ​Refer and Earn Program

We offer a Lifetime Referral commissions on everyone you refer to us on successful trade, this means you'll earn:

₦1/$ on cryptocurrency orders and ₦2/$ on gift card trades every one of your referrals complete with us.

So if your referrals trades $10,000 worth of crypto, you get:
N1 x $10,000= ₦10,000 referral bonus instantly.

If it’s $10,000 worth of gift card trade, you get
N2 x $10,000= N20,000 referral bonus instantly. 

And Here's Our “Ironclad Take it to The Bank” Guarantee

Trade with us and get paid in 10 mins or less upon confirmation of your trade or get a compensation of N500 on your payment for every extra 5 minutes we take to pay you.

What this means is if we don’t pay into your bank account within 10mins of completing your trade, we compensate you by adding N500 if we take an additional 5 mins to pay you as an apology for wasting time to make payment.

You could be wondering
How can we give such a crazy guarantee, right?

It might sound crazy to us, but to us, it’s our normal everyday thing as we are so confident on how fast our payment is.

This offer is only open for only 23 people and valid for 24hours, what this means is is the first 50 people to become an Emmyhcoiner today, gets to enjoy this offer.

You can join our WhatsApp family by clicking the button below and saving our contact as Emmyhcoin

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We’ll see you inside...

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