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Have you ever wondered how top Internet Marketers make hundreds of sales online even while they are offline?

Then check this out

How about I offer you a chunk of my brain?

Not physically actually but from my 4+ years of experience in Selling online , I want to show you

The Proven Frame-Work Over 100 Sales Experts Use To Sell More Product/Services Online With Less Stress

These 3 powerful lessons I learned from my years of selling online and how you can replicate it to sell your products online without having to be physically online.

This Framework is for both digital and physical product sellers who leverage on the internet to sell.

While it’s not for you if you don’t have any product/services to sell online.

Before I show you how to make effortless sales, let me quickly share a short story with you of:

Kehinde Olatunde who happens to be a PayPal expert and is also into digital printing met me on WhatsApp sometime in 2021.

He views my status, subscribed to my Sales and Marketing broadcast list where I share occasional real life strategies to make more sales and close more deals online.

One day I offered on my WhatsApp status a chunk of my brain like I’m doing to you right now and this was his response:

I added him to the training where I did exactly what I promised and shared a chunk of my brain on how to make sales without your involvement.

Here’s what he said afterwards

He wasn’t the only one but let’s leave that to later…

What’s Even This Training He Attended All About?

Over the years, I have realized selling online most times always involve you being online to sell just as people open their shops offline before they make sales, attend to customers and all which requires your time and attention all the time.

I realized the Internet is always online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so why not find a way to sell online even while I sleep.

In my search for a solution, I discovered 3 powerful skills that can help out in doing this.

What are these 3 powerful skills I’m referring to?

1. Sales Copy/Letter

2. Sales Funnel in simple English is your process of converting visitors to buyers.

3. A webpage/website
This is simply a page on a website just like this one you’re reading right now.

Combination of these 3 skills would sell any product online(digital and physical) effortlessly without you ever having to be online.

However learning these skills are costly and takes time to master.

According to Google, this is how much it’ll cost to have a sales copy done for you

While a Sales Funnel on the other hand goes for

And the last part of the framework which is the website

If we’re to go with the lowest prices of each, you’ll spend

  • $2k (N1,160,000) for a professional sales copy

  • $5k (N2,900,000) for a sales funnel

  • $250 N145,000) for a website

This should amount to a total cost of $7,250 (N4,205,000)

Can You Afford N4,205,000 To Have This System Set Up For You?

The cost is why ONLY TOP sales experts are the ones who uses it… (but that’s about to change, keep following me, I'll show you how to also create this system for yourself without paying N4m+)

Talking about Experts, I mean the likes of Grant Cardone

Others too like Toyin Omotosho 

And so many more that can afford to pay to create this system for themselves…

Permit me share my story with you on how I got to this discovery 

I started my money making online journey in 2017, I was dead broke then, a SIWES student looking for how to make money legitimately online until I came about a Seminar on how to make money online via an Ads I saw online.

As a SIWES student I couldn’t afford to pay for this training so I opted to taking my chances asking my Dad which later ended up to be one of the most life changing decisions of my life.

That was where I learned the concept of making money online which led to me writing my first ebook which sold for $5 (N2,900), luckily for me I sold 4 copies on fiverr until no one was buying anymore.

I now knew how making money online works but I don’t know how to sell so I took this money and invested in myself, learning deeply how Sales and Marketing works. 

Long story short, I’ve spent nothing less than N500k investing in myself in Sales and Marketing and yes, for sure, this investment has brought back a very great ROI for me.

It was in my learning phase and implementing I discovered how to sell to a huge number (let's say 1000) of people at once without having to physically talk to any of them, this was how I got to discover the secrets top internet marketers use to sell more with less stress and most importantly without their involvement.

This was how I discovered Sales Letters, Sales Funnels and the use of a website, however even at that time, I was still unable to spend N4m to get this system for myself so I learned and replicated the same system but this time using free tools I found online and creating quick hacks to get these things set up in less than 24 hours and keep using it for a lifetime.

This is what I will be sharing with you below

One of my mentor Late Ubong King says this a lot, read it carefully: “If you want to eat in 3 months, plant maize, if you want to eat in 6 months, plant cassava but if you want to eat for a lifetime, plant men.

After pondering on this statement for a very long time, I finally understood it which is why I didn’t only show this framework to only Kehinde Olatunde that I mentioned earlier...

I took a step further to have it seen by millions of people on Naijabrandchic’s Instagram stories

This was what some other persons that came in from her stories said after I shared a 'chunk of my brain' with them...

What’s even included in the “Eat My Brain” training? 

These are what are included in the training:

In this ebook, you will learn the 6 secret WhatsApp Sales funnels that convert leads into paying customers within 14-21 days using the VL formula

Valued at N10,000

This is an audiobook where you will learn the quickest way to write a persuasive sales copy for any product/services under 60 mins even if you don't know anything about copywriting

Valued at N5,000

How to create a professional looking one page website/sales page to sell anything with your smartphone even as a newbie without spending a penny on domain and hosting (no coding requires)

Valued at N10,000

With these training bundles alone, you would learn exactly how to sell anything to anyone with less stress as I have promised earlier, also you'll get access to the WhatsApp community of other like minded people(myself included) so if you have any question, you're sure someone would respond to you.

However that's not all, I'll also give you some extras:

The Easiest Ways On How To Overcome Laziness & Stay Productive Everyday (ebook)

In this ebook, you’ll learn the easy hack to unlearn laziness without beating yourself up, stay productive and achieve more success in your business and life

Valued at N5,000

How to make any prospect go from I'm not interested to send your account details (Audio course)

In this Audio course, you’ll learn insider’s secrets only high income copywriter’s know and use to make anybody pay for anything they have to offer.

Valued at N3,500

How to be a money machine online and offline (video course)

Nothing changes until your mindset changes, in this video training, you’ll learn from how to turn yourself into a cash spilling machine both online and offline.

Have you ever heard Successful people say ‘If everything was taken away from me, I will make it back with time’ - with this training in your head, you’ll become such person afterwards.

Valued at N15,000

The FIU formular for growing your WhatsApp views to over 1k paying customers that repels freeloaders

Valued at N2,000

How to convert any product to irresistible offers and make people beg you to take their money and still tell you "Thank You" even if you are someone who thinks you could never sell anything to anyone (ebook)

This ebook explains the hidden step by step guide on how to take an ordinary product/service, convert it to an offer, only a fool would say ‘NO’ to.

Valued at N3,000

How to set Your WhatsApp To Automatically Respond to 100s Of messages and close More sales Without Your Involvement (Android Phones only)

This includes a lifetime premium chat-bot that goes for N9,000 and a video tutorial on how to set it all up to make more sales for you on WhatsApp without you having to say anything.

Valued at N12,000

How to save 1000s of contacts under 5 seconds with their real names at once without paying for any automation software

This works for both Android and iOS devices.

Valued at N1,500

Just the EXTRAS comes at a total value of N42,000

Let's get to the part you've been silently asking yourself...

What's The Investment?

Without even saying much, from the calculations above, all the trainings + bonuses goes for a total of N67,000.

On a regular day, I could charge N50,000 flat for this trainings all together,

Regularly giving out each portion of the trainings I listed above costs nothing less than N50,000, without even beating around the bush, even if I discounted 50%, I can charge N25,000 for this training without feeling guilty.

However I won't charge that, I told you earlier I was trying to give back and 'plant men' from my years of experience in selling online so I'm giving you all these for FREE.

But here's the catch, I can't give this training free to everyone, it won't be fair to those who paid for it so it will be a limited time offer for just 10 fast action takers who takes action before the timer expires.

Also from my experience, people don't value free things so here's what I'll do to make sure you are someone who doesn't just jump on all free things without going through it as implementing.

To get access to these trainings + all the bonuses, I'll be adding a commitment fee of just N1,000 now instead of N25,000.

PS: This offer expires as soon as the timer reaches zero, you can no longer get in for N1,000 but the original price of N25,000.

NB: The whole training has been put in a pdf format so you can instantly access it immediately from any device.

Are There any guarantees?

Actually on a free offer, I don't give any guarantees because I don't want unserious people who don't implement flooding my DM but here's my solid money-back guarantee, if you finish through the training AND IMPLEMENT, and still don't get value for your time, just hit me up on WhatsApp and I'll return your commitment fee and still give you access to the training.

That's not all, I'll also compensate you for your time with my content creation live training worth N15,000. Fair enough?

Speaking of the content creation live training...

Here's What People Who Attended It are Saying

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