Lazy Internet marketer, David Emmanuel reveals...
The easy step-by-step walkthrough he uses to put out multiple pieces of content over the Internet daily...
and how you can replicate it for success in your online business.

Dear friend,
I will try to keep this as short, straightforward and simple as possible.

One evening, while going through YouTube on my phone, I came across a video.

That video changed my perspective about life in an aspect.  It was a clip by one of the mentors, Late Ubong King.

Here's the summary of what Ubong King said in the video...

"Your business will fail for these two reasons:
1. If you don't keep talking about it

2. If you don't meet strangers

That day, I thought of how I could apply this to my business...

I own an online business where I exchange cryptocurrencies for naira which runs mostly on WhatsApp and Instagram, just like every business owner, I wanted an upgrade which is to own a website for my business.

But the problem was I needed to connect with more people so when my website launched, I could only do that by putting out relatable content on my business page and increase my chances of having a transaction done with them.

It was at this point I realized I needed to fill up by Instagram and WhatsApp page with graphic content that resonates around my business. That one no suppose hard nah, that was my thought.

From my research, I discovered I had to post at least 30 post on my Instagram feed to make it more appealing.

Now I have figured it out, all that was left was to contact my graphic designer to talk about how I can do that within the span of a month.

After speaking with a graphic designer, I realized one graphic content would cost me #3000 so 30 graphic design totals at #90,000.

Provided I create the content for each but If I wanted the designer to come up with content for me, that will attract an extra charge of #2,000 each, total of an extra #60,000.

So in order to achieve my aim, I needed to have #150,000 and it would all be ready at the designer's agreed time.

But I needed this content out on my Instagram as soon as possible and strategically as well, I wanted each design to have date stamp so this meant I have to keep showing up always.

Showing up means that I have to come online and post everyday. If I wanted to connect with my prospect, develop trust and display my expertise, I would have to post contents my prospect could relate with and engage as well.

It was at this point I had to come up with an alternative plan to meet up with the number of content I wanted out there within the timeframe.

Constantly putting out content is actually the secret of top business owners and marketers in the world which they use to stay top-of-mind of their prospects and fans.

They always post content online, deliver it in a planned way, and monetize from that content.

This is how all the top marketers, brands, businesses etc. stay relevant and make money.

They keep showing up in our faces, giving us value and selling us their stuff.

Or have you ever seen these people ever run out of content on their pages?

It sounds quite easy, right?
Just showing up and posting.

If you are an Internet Marketer... I mean if you sell your products or services online, you will agree with me on this:

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to post on your page as someone who does business online.

I mean...

You have intentions to post o, but some times nothing go just pop up for your mind.

Like all ideas went on holidays.

Your page go just dey empty for days, then weeks, even months, if you no come get spare money to order a graphic designer and pay for content, you just leave it numb.

This was what I do go through as well.

It's not like I didn't feel like posting oo but my brain go just disappoint me, no go just reason anything at that time.

Until I came up with this structure that has helped me put out unlimited amounts of content every week.

And if you are currently struggling to create content for your online business..

If you want move past the "come and buy, come and buy " all the time and start creating valuable content that will get turn them into your long-lasting raving fans just like BBN glues their fans to the show for 90days.

If you want to know what to post, when to post, how to schedule your content, how to constantly put out a ton of content for your business every day...

Then you may be interested in my content creation class

You see, the fact is that content is like fuel for your online business

If you want to make real money online and stay relevant on the long run in your business, you have to build a tribe of long-lasting FANS.

And for you to be able to build a tribe of long-lasting fans, you need to learn how to create content that they can connect with, content that makes them trust you and eventually transact with you.

This is what I want to teach you in this content creation masterclass.

Here are what you will learn in this detailed masterclass:

1. How to Identify your target audience

2. How to craft the right content for them

3. How to develop content ideas

4. How to never run out of content ideas

How much is the class abeg?
I would have loved to offer you this class on a platter of gold and make it free but a lot of people take free things for granted and are too busy since it's free to access.

Regardless of you joining or not, my structure keeps working to make money for me from all my businesses.

But if you join, it will go a long way in scaling your business and building more wealth.

So to gain access to the video training of the Content Creation Freemium, you are to pay a commitment fee of just $2, that's just #1,000 .

If #1,000 is too much to improve your business, you can back off at this point but if you will be committed to grow your business, proceed right now
Is there a money back guarantee?
This class is not for unserious people, it's only for people committed to grow their business and are intentional about their growth. So no, there is no money back guarantee on this offer.
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