How less than 200k changed my financial life.

by Emmanuel David
Lagos | May 11, 2021 | 7 mins read

Can one really make 1 million naira in pure profit from e-commerce business in Nigeria within 3 to 6 months?

Once in a while, I receive e-mails from people who read my book and who want me to advise them on what businesses to do.

About 3 weeks ago, I came across a guide online that promises valuable information about starting and scaling up an e-commerce business to do 6 figure income within 3-6 months. It sounded true but one has to be very careful these days especially with all these fake claims all over the Internet this days. But out of curiosity. I decided to get the guide and check out the information….especially since there was a money back guarantee if I wasn’t satisfied so I was rest assured my money would not go to waste.

I should have written this report before now but I was busy with Exams, trying to get more advanced certification, so here is my report on how the e-commerce journey has been so far...

If you have read my book too, you should know by now that I take risks with my capital and test business model and methods to certify it truly works before writing a book about it so you should know I recommend many tremendous business opportunities especially over the internet.

But if I were to recommend a very profitable business that works for anyone irrespective of who you are and has a start-up capital of N150,000 and has about 3-4 hours to spare out of 24hours, I would recommend what I call 10x e-commerce.

What is 10x e-Commerce?

To start with, I will define the term “e-Commerce”

E-commerce is short for “Electronic Commerce”, what this means in simple terms is any form of commerce(buying and selling) that is done digitally, over the internet. It is also the use of Digital and Online Solutions in the purchase of goods and services.

For example:
You purchase a product from a seller in Nigeria or abroad without even stepping out of the comfort zone of your home, what you have done is what is called e-Commerce.
e-Commerce also applies in buying airtime and data or paying utility bills and services online.

So now you understand what e-Commerce is

"What is the 10x e-Commerce all about?"

It is simply the buying of goods from a cheaper source abroad and selling that same product to make up to 1000% the initial capital used in purchasing such products.

Yes, you heard me right, up to 1000%, this can only be possible using a formula I would be showing you pretty soon...

If you carefully study people and make a research about what people spend money on aside the basic necessity like shelter, clothing and food.

If you have done this research you would agree people buy more of their WANTS than their NEEDS and as the saying goes: *Human wants are unlimited.*

These WANTS comes down to products that helps us quench our desires and makes us live a more comfortable life enjoying our acquired desires.

These WANTS are physical products like:

1. Jewelries

2. Creams

3. Phones, Tablets, iWatch and other mobile gadgets.

4. Designer clothes

5. Luxurious cars

6. Kid Toys

You can mention as many WANTS as you can...

All I am driving at is:
"Most people spends a lot of money to acquire or fulfil their desires by purchasing as much as they can"

This is more reason why e-commerce sites like Jumia, Konga and the likes are still very much in business and are making sales everyday. They provide more of human WANTS rather than NEEDS.

The market for human WANTS is so HUGE and UNLIMITED.

About 80% of goods sold on this e-commerce platforms are gotten from China and USA.

According to Google, Nigeria population is over 211 million. With that much population, imagine the amount of WANTS only 10% of the population has and how you can make money satisfying that but you don't have to satisfy that much WANTS before you roll in 6 figure earnings.

The first product I imported was a beauty product; a dark spot removal cream.

I imported 400 pieces from China which costs me #200,000 (shipping fee included) which I sold for #3500 here in Nigeria.

Each product amounted to #500 per piece, shipping fee included.

I ran an advert on Facebook and sold all the products within 2 weeks at a cost of N3500 each.

After removing all costs from the product purchase price, shipping fee, delivery, Facebooks Ads, I was left with N1,000,000 pure profits which is quite an impressive profit from a 2 weeks business that started with N200,000 capital.

When I did the calculation, I had just sold a single product to only about 0.00019% of Nigeria's total population and made me that much profit.

I have since then Imported more products and have done incredible returns which are mind blowing but...

Did I have a big website like Jumia and Konga? The answer is a capital NO.

Did I know how to sell before I did this? Absolutely not, I was more like the regular person who begs people online to buy what I am selling but that was then sha with the popular marketing quote "If you don't patronize me, how will I eat" (lol), like people even cared but that was back in the days though...

If you have been into e-Commerce before and failed or you are failing, you probably are doing these things:
1. Choosing the wrong product to sell

2. Not knowing numbers: Not knowing how to reach to out to the right people who need your product

3. Not knowing how to sell: Selling is beyond asking people to buy from you, you must know that strangers are the ones that would make you that millions, you need to know how to hit them the right way and convince them on the reasons why they have to satisfy their WANTS and not hesitate to buy from you instantly.

Let's take for example: You found a beauty product that increases breast size, the regular way you go about advertising this product is via your status to people you know on WhatsApp or Instagram or any of your social media platform you are on and then ask them to refer you to people. That is completely wrong approach.
You don't sell the product but the solution and you sell the solution to those who really needs it and these people are total strangers you might never meet, feed their ego on the essence of having big boobs, hit them on their nerves where it hurts, tell them one of the reasons 98% of guys cheat is because they are more attracted to ladies with big boobs, make your prospect so hungry for the solution to the extent all they need at that moment is nothing else but the product. That is one of the many ways to sell.

I can't guess what your income goals is...

Maybe a couple of thousands of naira...

Or possibly 1 million in 2 weeks just like me...

Or even 10million Monthly...

The 10x e-Commerce business model I'm about to explain to you can make it happen for you but remember you can't be lazy to set this up.

This 10x e-Commerce business model works based on the following:

- Conducting Market Research to discover people's problems (HUMAN WANTS)

- Searching for physical product that solves those problems.

- Buying the products that profer solutions at the cheapest price possible

- Importing these products down here to Nigeria

- Selling these product to the people who wants it using a powerful marketing strategy called the NPM Tripod formula.

What is the NPM TRIPOD formula all about?
This formula is targeted at making sales through e-commerce, crazy sales that result to making 10x your initial capital on each product or niche you decide to go for and selling all in no time at all, this formula works based on these procedures:

1. Be Niche Specific: What is a Niche? A Niche according to Google is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.
You have to be specific about the niche you go for and what products you buy.

Picking a niche is very important in any successful e-commerce business, so buying any product without having a particular niche would result in failure most times as you won't have a specific area to target.
Here are a few hot niches to pick from while starting your e-commerce journey:
i. Health
ii. Beauty
iii. Security
iv. Fitness

2. Solution Consciousness: Whatever niche you decide to venture into, you have to make sure the products you are getting solves a problem or a series of problems. It's true human WANTS are to quench their desire but a problem solving WANT would sell faster than just a want for desire.
Let's take for example, there is a very pretty fair lady who had an accident while she was a kid and injured her pretty face, now she has grown to be a pretty lady but to a fault, the scar from the childhood accident is still there, you get a scar removal cream and offer it to such lady. What do you think she will do?
There are a lot of other people who have scars in visible parts of their body which reduces their self esteem and they do not know about any possible solution other than surgery which is quite expensive and comes with side effects, the sad part is most cannot even afford a surgery, so you offering to give them back their self esteem by offering a product that will clean off the scar, Do you feel such person would hesitate to buy that product?

3. Finding problems to solve: You cannot be successful at any e-commerce business if you do not know how to find problems online and do research on which problems have wider audience that needs solution, the wider the audience size, the bigger the profit. That is just as simple as it goes. A lot of people don't even know where to find these audience all over the internet, you could find these problems on places like Facebook, Online forums, Blogs and News websites... just to mention a few.


These are just a few things out of the high quality information contained in the 10x e-Commerce Masterclass.

This same process made me 1 million naira in pure profit after 2 weeks of using this formula.

It's quite obvious this business is not for lazy and broke people.

You should have a substantial amount of money to begin this business and as you now know, within a few weeks you would turn your capital into huge percentage profit.

This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend this business.

So how is this different from the Regular Mini Importation classes you have been hearing?

There is a huge difference in knowing how to just import and knowing:
1. How to source for people's problems.
2. How to source for top quality hot products at the lowest price.
3. How to place these products right in front of the people who actually wants it and would purchase it.

These differences is why this business model does 10x profit from the regular Mini Importation classes you have heard of in the past.

If you will pardon me, I would like to introduce you to someone very dear and special to me.
His name is Jonathan Melody.

The 10x e-Commerce business model I just explained to you was created by him and he is the best coach in this field who has trained over 2000 persons on how to 10x their e-commerce business from scratch.
But guess what?

The 10X e-Commerce Complete Masterclass by Jonathan Melody that made 6 figures possible for me right here in Nigeria is secretly available at a 50% discount, only for a few persons actually as I have tried my best to talk to him to leave it open for as many people as possible but he limited it to only a few persons ready to take action right away.

So he has put up a free video training for you to explain in details the 10x e-Commerce business model and how you can begin your journey and be successful at it.

This Video Training Will Show You:

  • How to quickly spot and pick the best hot products that sell like the speed of light.

  • How and where to find and import high quality problem solving products at the lowest prices ever.

  • How to design an effective sales funnel for selling your imported products.

If you are interested, click the button below to access the video: 

PS: If you enjoyed this article, you are surely going to enjoy this special video that explains how Nigerians are using the NPM TRIPOD formula to scale up their e-commerce business.

Many Nigerians that are fortunate enough to come across this information are already taking advantage of it. If one of your 2021 goals is to make 6-7 figures, then this free video training is for you.

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my honest and straightforward answer is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you are capable of coping and pasting the simple step by step rules laid down by Jonathan Melody as explained in the free video training.

The ball is now in your court, It is now your decision to make.

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David Emmanuel

David Emmanuel is a researcher about e-comerce topics. He thoroughly researches and creates helpful content to help Nigerians on legitimate earning opportunities via e-commerce.

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