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The Real Truth About The "Perfect Business" You Should Start Right Away

by DAVID EMMANUEL | 5, May 2021

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Sometimes back in 2020, I made an astonishing discovery about a profitable business that many Nigerians are not fully aware of till date.

I came across this while I was going through my WhatsApp status update (yes, the WhatsApp we all use).

I noticed a particular post of screenshots of payments not less than #100,000 almost every Friday of each week from a particular guy.
This guy actually happens to be someone I trust a lot and secretly looks up to him as a mentor as his zeal to be successful is out of this world.

At first I thought of it to be some pyramid scheme which would soon fold up so I kept watching closely his status update for over 2 months to see if he would still get to post another screenshot of the payments landing in his Email, I was actually keeping screenshots of his previous posts to confirm he wasn't posting same screenshots but to my greatest surprise, no Friday passed without a payment screenshot from this business.

The payments were more than N100,000 as time goes by, it ranges, sometimes above N100,000 and other times getting close to N200,000

If you do the math at only a N100,000 weekly, that is N100,000 x 8 Fridays = N800,000.

For someone to make over 800,000 in two months consistently.

I thought to myself, this has to be real, if it wasn't working, he would not continue this business.

What this guy was doing is Selling other people's product and getting a commission.

But don't be carried away.

The commissions was what piled up to amount at the passive income stream he has made for himself on a weekly basis.

Let me explain

He was selling Information product of other people and getting 20% to 50% commission on each sale he made.

If he sells 1 product worth 50,000 and the commission on that product is 40%, he gets to keep #20,000 for himself.

He doesn't only sell one product, he sells other products worth N100,000 and above and gets up to 50% as commission on each sale, making him N50,000 commission on just one sale.

After deducting all the money spent on Ads and the rest, he would still be pocketing #40,000 on one sale.

Isn't that Insane Profit?

This business model is called Affiliate Marketing and it can be highly profitable.

Starting a business in Nigeria no be rice and beans, not to talk of an online business but we thank God sha. As someone who grew up in a Middle class Nigerian family, making over #500,000 monthly no be smallz at all.

I decided to hop on this business as I already know starting a business requires money, so I decided to set aside N50,000 for any expense I could encounter in my Journey in this business.

I started with 3 products:
The first product gave me 30% commission on each sale and the product was worth #40,000.
The second product 50% and the product was worth N25,000 while
The third product gave a 30% commission and the product was worth #70,000.

I ran an advert on Facebook and sold 3 of the first product, 5 of the second product and just 2 of the third product within my first week at a cost of N5000.

After removing all costs, I was left with N125,000 pure profits which is not bad for a week project that started with N50,000 capital.

Think about it.

How many businesses can you start with N50,000 and make N125,000 pure profits within 2 weeks especially in Nigeria?

This business model works based on 4 things:

1. Looking for a high quality product that solves problems for people and comes with a good commission and at a moderate price: You don't start looking all over the Internet for where or who to get products from, you get to use a platform that accepts Nigerians and pay your commissions via Bank Transfer to your Nigerian bank account.

2. Searching for potentials buyers of this products: Talking about searching for potential buyers, don't get scared, you won't be walking about in the hot sun looking for who to sell to. Nah! that's not how it works, all potential buyers are all over the Internet and you wouldn't even be needing to enter into anyone's DM to sell, let alone chat.

3. Selling the products using intellectual marketing methods to for a good commission: This is the reason I said you wouldn't need to DM anyone before you make sales, there are powerful marketing strategy I use in reaching out to potential buyers for free and while others, I pay.

You can actually reach out to potential buyers for free via WhatsApp, don't worry, you will learn how but the paid part is through social media Ads.

This intellectual marketing methods which is used to sell without talking to the prospect makes use of a sales funnel which moves the prospect from one step to another, following the prospect wants to proceed further until sales is made.

4. Email follow ups on leads or potential buyers of this product: This is were you make most sales, as people who are interested in the products you are affiliating might not buy immediately due to some reasons best known to them but with constant reminder and follow up, they would remember and go for their interest.

Why Are You Just Hearing About This?

The Internet is filled with a lot of garbage and filtering out good Information is becoming a problem, coupled with the fact people are addicted to using their phones.
Just like you, I didn't know anything like this existed until I was fortunate enough to come across it via WhatsApp.
This business model has been around for a years now but how to profitably make it a passive income, the steps to take is what you don't see just anyhow.
If I was fortunate enough to come across this business opportunity via WhatsApp, I believe you are as well.

In fact the last products I sold, after deducting the total cost, I still amounted at making over #700,000 commission in pure profit.

As you can see, this business is not meant for broke people at all.

You should have a minimum of N50,000 to start.

But the beautiful part is that you can turn your capital into massive income and even turn it into a passive source of income in a few weeks if you use the same proven system I use.

Talking about proven system that works fantastically well when taught by the same guy who taught me. Permit me to introduce the same guy who taught me this proven system I use to make massive profit from Affiliate marketing.

His name is Toyin Omotosho, he is an Internet business expert and coach and has succeeded in training over 700 Nigerians on how to start Affiliate Marketing.
He is a very busy man but out of his tight schedule he has just put together a free video explaining every nook and cranny of Affiliate Marketing as well as how and make huge commissions which amount to mad profits.

What You Would Learn in the Free Video Training:
  • ​How Affiliate Marketing works.

  • ​The best Affiliate Marketing program for Nigerians

  • How to start making commissions through Affiliate marketing.

  • A lifetime skillset.

  • How to collect Emails of potential buyers and how to convince them strategically to buy.

So, if you will like to watch the video, click here watch the video right away.

This is the simple truth:

Affiliate Marketing is a perfect business for you so far you can make it this far to read and operate a mobile device or a computer.

But you should know you need to put in the required work effort to acquire this success, if you can spare about 3hours daily then this business if for you. Even the Bible says: "Man should eat from the proceeds of his labour" so it's not a lazy way of making Money online. 

PS: This same proven system a friend of mine applied as well and make over #400,000 in his first 3 weeks of using it.

You can as well watch to understand this proven secret here:

David Emmanuel

David Emmanuel is a researcher about Internet Marketing and Online business(es). He researches and creates helpful content to guide Nigerians on legitimate earning opportunities through Affiliate Marketing.

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