Sales and Marketing Expert, David Emmanuel reveals...
The secret blueprint he uses to sell his product to anyone without hesitation...
and how you can replicate it for success in your online business

August 4, 2021 | 5 mins read

The Internet you see is a very noisy place so is the whole world and people come online to ease their stress by getting entertainment.

So just posting your product and services is not enough for people to buy from you.

You must cut deep into their emotions if you will ever make them buy from you. AND NOT JUST BUY later but BUY from you instantly.

For this reason I write this letter to you.

Dear Friend,

I would try to keep this as short, precise and detailed as possible.

What I am about to tell you are things I have taken years to learn by paying, testing, implementing, failing and gathering knowledge from my mentors, some of the best sales people in the world.

I’m talking of the likes of Dan Lok, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, Toyin Omotosho, Sabri Suby among others.

And one common trait I observed about all of them is they are masters in their niche...

And this is not because they know more or are extraordinary humans, they are masters in their craft simply because they all know how to do one thing in common, which is they know HOW TO SELL.

Often all you do is post your product and its features and tell people to buy from you or possibly you beg them you have not eaten and all, they should try to pity you and buy from you.

The fact is people don't care about you or whether you have eaten or not as a reason to buy from you, in fact the sales you make through that process is more of luck.

But selling on its own is beyond just luck and it's not NEWS that everyday is not Christmas.

Selling is an act of persuasion.

For the act of persuasion to be effective on people, you need to understand how to condition their minds and compel them to bend to your wish.

Focus on what I am about to tell you here, just 2 mins and you will get the message

Now here it is... you are so focused on this part that you have become anxious to know what I have to say in the next 2 mins.

What I have just done to your mind is condition you to listen to what I have to say and at the same time, compel you to bend my will.

That is one of the many ways you need to know to sell beyond begging and asking people to help you out.

Also to help you stop posting chain status, wasting more money on subscription than you actually earn

Whatever you sell, either a product or service, never ever ever do this...

Never ever post only the picture of the product and it's features, Don't ever do this...

Instead of that, do this...

Sell the benefit and not the product

Let me explain what this means:

Whatever you sell, be it a product or a service, it does have one or two benefits that it gives people.

Firstly Identify these benefits and then sell them.. People are much more interested in what they can benefit from your product and not the product.

One of the reasons your business is suffering is simply because even though you understand how to create products so perfectly...

You are a wonderful fashion designer, fashion expert, make-up artist, 'CEO', store owner, architect, whatever your profession is...

BUT you do not understand the humans you want to sell your products to...

Your entrepreneurship training is INCOMPLETE..

Your training is incomplete as a fashion designer, fashion expert, make-up artist, 'CEO', store owner, architect as long as you don't know the psychology of selling.

What you were taught is to focus on the product creation and showcase but the most important parts were left out, things like:

  • How to create compelling offers that make people desire your offer
  • How to use the art of compelling to influence people's decision to take action

You are like someone who is just shooting empty bullets, hoping it will hit a target...

The fact that your training is incomplete may not be your responsibility...

But it is your responsibility to complete your training yourself

Your business would continue to experience this scenario, you make some sales today, tomorrow zero sales, the next day a few more sales and so does it continue...

Your business will continue to suffer until you take responsibility for your full training... unless you become literate in the act of selling, your business would continue to fail.


In the psychology of selling training, here are what you will be learning:

1.  How you can awaken the subconscious mind and use it to sell.
2. How to tackle the objection: "I will get back to you" and close that sale.
3. How to sell anything to anybody
4. How to sell without people knowing you are selling to them.
5. The secret top business marketers (Bill Gate, Elon Musk…) use that you didn’t know of
6. How to compel people to buy from you now, not later, NOW.

There's a lot of value here as you can see.

This book contains 20 pages of invaluable information that can literally help you increase sales in your business.

It doesn't matter if you've never sold a pin before, or if you're just starting out.

The only thing that matters is your desire to start using the simple secrets in this book to make your business produce steady sales converting it into a steady cash spilling machine.

There is more...

✅How I generate new prospect without them knowing and how you can model this to grow your business

✅The different types of buyers and why they buy

✅How to structure your business profile to attract new prospect and create trust

✅Practical ways to persuade anyone to buy your product or pay for your service even if they don't need it.
If you understand this one, you can go from zero sales to sold out every time.

✅The number 1 thing you must have in order to make people buy from you

✅The most important thing people ignore in selling and how it is costing them a lot of money

As the saying goes, keep the best part for last and what is this best part... here is the full gist...

Alongside the "psychology of selling" training, these are what you take with you if you get it today:

Bonus 1
The Smart E-commerce Store (Video course)
This is a snippet of what you will be learning in this course:

How to create an e-commerce store for your business
How to link your e-commerce store to your WhatsApp DM
How to categorize your products into
How to integrate online payment processor into your store (paystack )

All these would be done using just your Smartphone for FREE.

The training is valued at - #10,000

Bonus 2
The Content Creation Masterclass (Video course)
This is a snippet of what you will be learning in this course:

1. How to Identify your target audience

2. How to craft the right content for them

3. How to develop content ideas

4. How to never run out of content ideas

The training is valued at - #5,000

Bonus 3
How To Make Your Business Standout (e-book)
In this e-book, you learn:

1. How to create a good first impression of your business.

2. How to position your business to be trusted easily.

3. The common mistakes you make that scares potential customers away.

The training is valued at - #5,000

Total worth of bonuses: N20,000

But you'll get these amazing bonuses that will help your business growth for FREE if you get the "psychology of selling" training today.

I know right now, the only question on your mind is this...

How Much Is This Training?

The training basically is a detailed book that highlight all you need to know in details about selling, how to master the act and how to apply it in growing your business...

For a training as detailed as this, I can charge anything around N50,000 for the value you will get from this product alone, regardless of whether you are intentional about your business growth or not, I would keep using this same psychology to close more sales in my business and create more wealth for myself...

But I won't be charging you as much N50,000 for it but I will be giving you this training for only N10,000...


That is not all, I have a good news for you. You actually made it in early because the training is something you don't want to miss for anything

So How Is That Good News To Me?

The good news is, the training is up for grabs for only fast fingers...

If you are smart, you would take action now simply because...

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You can not even buy a good shirt with that...

But you can make an investment in yourself today, that will in turn help you make crazy money so that you can live your dream life.

But the sad NEWS is, this discount is not for everyone, it is only for the first 10 people to grab it.

Are you intentional about your business growth?


So Here Are Your Options

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You can wait until the discount is off the training and pay N10,000 to get the full training.

Is there a money back guarantee?

You sef ehn, after all I have been saying since morning, you still want to know if there’s a money back guarantee. Alright oo.

Yes, you are covered by the laws of the money back guarantee.

If you read and implement what I taught in this book and you don’t have an increase in sales after 30 days.

I would personally write you a letter of apology and also refund your money with no questions asked.

That is how confident I am that it really works.

Is that fair enough?


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