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5 Shocking Truth You’re Not Making Money Online Legitimately

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Hello My Hardworking Friend….

If people who existed in the 1903’s had access to the amount of information, knowledge and the fast internet we have today, they would have built generational wealth effortlessly

In summary, our generation is entitled, and sadly easily distracted and cannot focus on a thing for too long.

Although much of this behaviour is as a result of addiction to social media platforms algorithms, we didn’t create this distraction however it’s our responsibility to deal with it.

As at the time of writing this article, only a few people have read to the end, less than 5% of everyone that reads this, reads to the end.

However you should know everyone who read till the end never remained the same. 

Distractions will come for you like an addictive drug. You can either allow yourself get carried away by it or you can force yourself to ignore.

Whether or not you read this article to the end is entirely up to you. I will help you make sure you read to the end but I will not force you – your dreams and desires should force you to, not mine!!

One thing is certain, there will always be a huge difference between those who finish this article and those who don’t!

Let’s begin…

The fact that you are reading this book means you have a feeling you should be greater than you are, which is absolutely correct. If you were so fortunate to scale through school, especially the Nigerian education system, you should be in a greater place where your finances shouldn’t be a problem but are you? 

This book explains why you are a graduate and not a millionaire, but before we get to that, let’s go back in time to see how it all started, as far back as 1903.  

This happened about 119 years ago, calculating back from 2022.   

So if you’re less than 119 years old which I’m sure you are not up to if you’re reading this right now.. 

You need to unlearn and relearn most of the things you’ve been taught in school if you truly want to attain financial freedom and this is why when I made this discovery, I did a much deeper digging and finally got to know why a lot of graduates never become a millionaire   

You Are Not The Problem Neither Are Your Parents If you believe the Government should provide you jobs, then you’re far from sitting yourself down to listen to the truth. Moreover, there will be fewer jobs or no jobs at all in the coming years, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over all industries very fast.  

If you also think the reason you’re still not a millionaire is because of your family spiritual problems or because your parents didn’t work smart and hard when their mates were, you’re wrong. 


What changed the financial capacity of every graduate like I said earlier happened 119 years ago, neither you nor your parent were even born then, and if your parent was, they were still very little kids

The Shocking Incident That Happened In 1903 That Conditioned Your Mind… But You Don’t Know

I discovered in 1903, a very wealthy family in the United States of America spent $129 million dollars shaping the education board.

Who Are The They And How Does That Concern You?

The RockFellers happen to be this family that shaped the schooling system in 1903, however $129 million looks more of a donation but the goal behind this can also be found on Google so this is it:

They paid the ultimate price of $129 million just to establish this statement. Have you noticed most successful entrepreneurs are don’t work for money rather they think to make money? 

 This concept has been instilled into every human being that passed through school subconsciously which is why most people still follow the same pattern of: “Go to school, get good results/grades, get a job, save money and retire old. 

 This is the pure way a worker thinks because you have not unlocked your mind to think to create money and you most likely do not know that nobody is given the legal rights to make money in this world other than the Government. If you cannot make money, so what can you do to amass great wealth then? 

 This information is contained in the chapters of this article. 

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